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Hangar releases lyric video for “The Hangar Of Hannibal” – Photo: Jorge Maluf

Brazil’s Hangar is proud to release the first lyric video for the album “Stronger Than Ever”, which is expected to releases on July 22 in Brazil via Making Of, in Europe by FC Metal and Japan via King Records. The music chosen for the lyric video was “The Hangar Of Hannibal,” one of the most complex from the new album.

“Stronger Than Ever” was produced by Aquiles Priester, mixed by Jessie Vainio in Mofo Music in Espoo, Finland, and mastered by Swante Forsback in Chartmakers, also in the Nordic country.

“This is the ninth track on the album and is a beautiful sample of our musical direction on” Stronger Than Ever “: without borders and without labels,” said Aquiles Priester.

Check lyric video:


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