Check this out! Making of Hangar’s New Music Video: Let me know who I am!
Postado em 08/12/2014

Artist: Hangar
Song: Let me Know Who I Am
(Wortmann, Priester)
Album: The Best of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…
Label: Making Of Produções

Director: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Director of Photography: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Screemplay: Junior Carelli / Aquiles Priester
Executive Producers: Aquiles Priester / Junior Carelli
Produced by: Foggy Filmes / Making of Produções
Editing: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Post: Rudge Campos
First DP Technician and Electrician: Fabio Chegado

Make up Artist and Band: Niandra Costa
Actor: Gilvanio Pedrosa

Making of Cameraman: Celito Gomes
General Assistants: Leo Usui / Theo Queiroz / Matt Garcia / Tamires Moura
Subtitles: Susanne Conradt
Photos: Jorge Maluf and Fabio Augusto
Costume Design: Ana Soncin (Lady Snake Rock Wear)
Location: Faculdade Cantareira
Drum Tech: Gabriel Hatoun / Douglas Lima

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