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NAMM Metal Jam 2014 Michael Angelo Batio w/DeathRiders Whisky a Go-Go
8901 Sunset Blvd.
West Hollywood, CA 90069
All Ages
Tickets Available via ticketweb.com


NAMM Metal Jam 2014 – NAMM Metal All Stars
Michael Angelo Batio w/ DeathRiders
NAMM Metal Jam All Stars Line-up More tba
Special Host MC Caleb Smith of The Sick Room Radio NZ
Michael Angelo Batio

NAMM Metal All Stars 2014

– Derek St. Holmes (Ted Nugent, Whitford St. Holmes) – Vocals, Guitar
– Glen Sobel (Alice Cooper) – Drums
– Michael Devin (Whitesnake) – Bass
– Matt Thompson (King Diamond) – Drums
– Rowan Robertson (Dio, DC4) – Guitar
– Mark Boals (Dio Disciples, Ring Of Fire, Yngwie J. Malmsteen’s Rising Force) – Vocals
– Michael Angelo Batio (Solo artist, Nitro, Holland) – Guitar
– Neil Turbin (DeathRiders, Anthrax) – Vocals
– Dave Reffett (Shredding The Envelope, Guitar World) – Guitar
– Bill Hudson (Emphatic, Circle II Circle, Cellador) – Guitar
– Ralph Santolla (Obituary, Deicide) – Guitar
– Per Nilsson (Scar Symmetry) – Guitar
– Aquiles Priester (Tony MacAlpine, Hangar, Vinnie Moore, Noturnall)
– Andrea Martongelli (Arthemis) – Guitar
– Mike Hansen (Hurricane, George Lynch, Steve Vai) – Drums
– Tony Cavazo (Hurricane) – Bass Guitar
– Eli Santana (Holy Grail) – Guitar
– Courtney Cox (The Iron Maidens) – Guitar
– Linda MacDonald (The Iron Maidens) – Drums
– Kirsten Rosenberg (The Iron Maidens) – Vocals
– Rigo Amezcua (Agent Steel) – Drums
– Juan Garcia (Agent Steel, Masters of Metal) – Guitar
– Robert Cardenas (Possessed, Agent Steel) – Bass Guitar
– Jeff Bowders (Paul Gilbert Band, G3, POD) – Drums
– Veronica Freeman (Benedictum) – Vocals
– Leather Leone (Chastain) – Vocals
– Clammy (Exciter) – Bass Guitar
– Greg Walls (Anthrax) – Guitar
– Howie Simon (Alcatrazz, Nelson) – Guitar
– Dan Lauzon (Entropy, E-Force) – Guitar
– Jeff Williams (Onslaught) – Bass Guitar
– Shane Gibson (Korn) – Guitar
– Dino Deluke (Sledd, Nemesis) – Drums
– Peter Deluke (Sledd, Nemesis) – Keyboards
– August Zadra (Dennis DeYoung (Styx) Band) – Guitar
– Michael Lee Smith (STARZ, Looking Glass, Hellcats) – Vocals
– Steve “Zeus” Johnstad (Mayday, Son, NRG) – Vocals
– Thane Farace (Ghost Of War, Bloodied Angels) – Guitar
– Stuart Fujinami (Reverend, Heretic) – Guitar
– Mitch Stewart (Circle II Circle) – Bass Guitar
– Annie Grunwald (Formless) – Guitar
– Sean Elg (DeathRiders, Nihilist) – Drums
– Arnold Gonzalez (DeathRiders) – Guitar
– Michael Lopez (DeathRiders) – Bass
– Casey Trask (DeathRiders) – Guitar
– Joe Gettler (Razormaze) – Guitar
– Xander Demos (Sabbath Judas Sabbath) – Guitar
– Joe Rose (Michael Angelo Batio’s Intermezzo album) – Guitar
– Lisa Margaroli (Celebrity Trash) – Vocals

Michael Angelo Batio will be co-headlining the event which will feature MAB playing on stage with DeathRiders featuring (Original Anthrax Vocalist Neil Turbin) along with 40 of the metal worlds most shredding musical artists from across the world

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23.DEZ.2013 –  Christmas Message from Hangar!

This time of year, it seems that everything is more peaceful, everything we went through over a year, it is possible to remember and look back to analyze all our steps. Glad to be here again wishing you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I am very happy to know that everything I have done, you are always around to support me in more certain times. I wish you all play hard with their families and that small recess, let us ready for 2014 … As it comes with a great desire to change EVERYTHING!
– Aquiles Priester

A Merry Christmas and may 2014 be filled with joy for all of us. Thank you for the affection you have always had with us during all this time with the Hangar. Never left the band alone and always supported us. You are very special and I’m sure the least we can do to repay is to think of new songs, new shows and be on the road to show it. A big hug always remembering “Those who believe always achieve.”
– Nando Mello

Christmas is Jesus’ birthday. What does this mean? Messages, Coca Cola, miracles … Anyway, I can only do part of the message, be happy, do not eat fried food, read good books, do good with detachment. And ultimately, if all else fails, believe in God. If you prefer, start there, and the old lady blow your brother’s son, and we killed the resurrected. Magic? Fact? Lie? Legend? Reality? What matters? Life and the Universe are scientifically incomprehensible to everyone. Anyone who says he knows you’re lying. Unless you tell the meaning of life is love. There is no error. And the rest is party.
HAPPY 2014.
– Eduardo Martinez

Save God, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and all other entities profitably fantastic! That in 2014 they continue feeding more dreams and fewer pockets! See you in a year 😉
– Fábio Laguna

This year 2013 was simply magical. It was the year I returned to my band, which I helped to found there in 1997. It was the year I entered the studio to record with Hangar and could see how much I love what I do. It was the year that I could live, to laugh, solve problems and see that this family called Hangar, is coming back in full force. I wish a merry christmas and a great new year to all of you who are with us during these 16 years of band. Can expect that 2014 will be a very special year. Hugs.
– Cristiano Wortmann

Another year comes to an end, a year that was very special to me and dreamed, this year I could join the band in which I am a big fan and being with friends and great people, learn a lot, grow and evolve very much a year in which I had a growth that perhaps in my entire career and I’m not very grateful to that! I want to wish all friends of the band, all the fans who support us a Merry Christmas and a prosperous new year and that 2014 is a great year for all of us, because for us the Hangar will be a very special year and it can wait! MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR YOU ALL! Hug and see you soon.
– Pedro Campos

20.DEZ.2013 – Mega promo Aquiles Priester & Pro-Mark in Drum Center store!

Link to Facebook

16.DEZ.2013 – Aquiles Priester: private and master classes in Leopoldina-MG.

06.DEZ.2013 – Aquiles Priester: Drummer puts Brazil in the most wanted ranking of the drum world.

Aquiles Priester, was nominated for the second time in the ranking of Modern Drummer magazine. In 2011, his DVD “The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming” was voted the third best instructional DVD in the world and the drummer was also in the top five drummers “Prog Metal” in the world, alongside of Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison and Marco Minnemann. The latest DVD Aquiles Priester, “Top 100 Drum Fills”, was appointed to the polls in 2014 and you can vote and put Brazil in the ranking again. Enjoy and also vote for Aquiles as “Best Metal Drummer” by writing the name of the Brazilian drummer in full.
To vote, just click the link below! Voting closes on 12/15/2013.

Modern Drummer: http://bit.ly/1em37c5

02.DEZ.2013 – “Infalliblle Beer” the beer of Hangar.

The Hangar launchs this month a beer, which goes by the suggestive name “Infallible Beer”. With limited production, the beer is brewed by Brewery Bier Rasen headquartered in Gramado in Rio Grande do Sul. ” Infallible Beer” is tasty and traditional flavor Pilsen and come in bottles of 300 ml customized with the logo of the band and the cover of the CD “Infallible” of 2009.

Inaugurated in 2008, the renowned brewery Rasen Bier follows the German Purity Law , containing only 4 ingredients: water, malt, hops and yeast. The choice of type “Pilsen” is due to the tradition of being the most sold in Brazil.

The “Infallible Beer” comes up with the proposal of an excellent this year-end and the price suits similar market R$ $ 10.00. Packages are minimum with 3 bottles and will be shipped via Sedex or Pac.

To acquire this gorgeous, limited gift for someone special or for yourself, collector items, just send a message via the inbox Hangar fan page (www.facebook.com/officialhangar) where you will get directions, values for payment, shipping and receiving proof of his “Infallible Beer”.

Be sure to have this item in your collection!

Remember: If you drink, do not drive and enjoy in moderation.

Merry Christmas and a great 2014 for everyone.

22.NOV.2013 – Pedro Campos is Hangar’s new singer.

We begin our process of choosing a new vocalist at exactly 12 months ago. More than 70 professionals of the highest levels participated by sending awesome quality material. Pedro participated by sending videos of four songs with excellent production and performance, fitting into the profile that we seek from the beginning. When we left in 2012 with a mini tour in celebration of 15 years of Hangar, we had no hesitation in inviting him to follow in interpreting the songs of the CD “The Reason of Your Conviction” and “Infallible”. It was a way to fit him in the context of the band, which was not scared. The sum of your starting material, the shows and especially his attitude helped in the final choice and showed that we were right.

Pedro Campos currently lives in Volta Redonda/RJ, 22 years old and he is singing and teaching as a professional for six years. He has worked with many artists in the area where he lives and has received several awards for his performances. Among the competitions which he participated, came to stay in first place in a national contest that brought Pedro to record a track with established names in the Metal world in 2012.

“Being the new lead singer of Hangar is a real dream come true for my life, I’m beaming with happiness and especially eager to give my best always! This new formation is awesome, we’ve been together late last year and we had unforgettable moments, and now we are going ahead with full force! I want to see all the fans and friends at the shows singing along with us and making part of our history as well!”, says Pedro Campos.

As the saying goes: “Always after the storm comes the calm.” Therefore, new winds and ways to go. We hope Pedro Campos may be received with open arms in this new stage. Very soon we will have our first taste of this new work.

22.NOV.2013 – Hello Everyone! Please vote on my new DVD Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fill!


Modern Drummer: http://bit.ly/1em37c5

21.NOV.2013 – Aquiles Priester workshop in Uberlandia-MG.

19.NOV.2013 –  Hangar launches Infallible Beer

03.NOV.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fills is released worldwide by Mel Bay Publications!


03.NOV.2013 – Drummer Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Muriae

“Drummer Aquiles Priester will perform on the 28th of November, from 19:30, a workshop in Muriae. The event will be held at the Theatre Zaccarias Marques. Considered for twelve consecutive years the best heavy metal drummer in Brazil by leading magazines and specialized websites. In 2011 Aquiles Priester was the only Brazilian in the history of national…. “

[read more…] portuguese only

01.NOV.2013 – Aquiles Priester workshop in Fortaleza-CE.

30.OUT.2013 – Aquiles Priester Aquiles Priester launches Top 25 Drum Fills APP’s for iPhone and iPad at the Apple Store.

iPhone direct link: clique aqui!
iPhone: Aquiles Priester’s Top 25 Drum Fills

iPad direct link: clique aqui!
iPad – Aquiles Priester’s Top 25 Drum Fills

24.OUT.2013 – After 10 years of the completion of my first workshop in PE-Caruaru! I come back to town! See you soon!


24.OUT.2013 – Attention Santa Cruz Capibaribe-PE! See you soon!

18.OUT.2013 – Cristiano Wortmann returns to Hangar after 13 years!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that guitarist Cristiano Wortmann returns to Hangar after 13 years. Wortmann was one of the founders of the band in 1997 along with drummer Aquiles Priester and recorded the first CD Last Time in 1998. The experience with the shows together made last year made this channel of communication open between everyone and relationship and empaty was full. From now on, Hangar has two guitarists Eduardo Martinez and Cristiano Wortmann.

“Hangar has always been my heart and I am extremely elated to be part of this team. We will do many good things together.”

This new line is already active and Wortmann recently recorded the guitars for the readings that will be in “The Best Of” to be released soon.
Stay tuned for more news.

Mello, Martinez, Priester, Laguna, Wortmann and …

16.OUT.2013 – Aquiles Priester performs workshop for the first time in Muriaé-MG!

09.OUT.2013 – Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Horizontina-RS.

09.OUT.2013 –  Making Of” PromoShoot – Aquiles Priester (New DrumKit | Mapex Saturn IV)


04.OUT.2013 –  Atention Ijuí-RS! Only for 8 drummers!!!

03.OUT.2013 –  Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Sao Paulo-SP

03.OUT.2013 –  Aquiles Priester performs first workshop in Capivari-RS.

02.OUT.2013 –  Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Florianópolis-SC

01.OUT.2013 –  Aquiles Priester stars a brazilian drum clinic tour, playing for a very first time, your new Saturn IV drum kit!

30.SET.2013 –  Aquiles Priester master class in Tubarão-SC.

29.SET.2013 –  News Hangar September 2013

Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure that we announce our partnership with Uranio Production (www.uranioprodutora.com.br), headquartered in Porto Alegre and national reference management shows and cultural shows.

From October 01, the uranium will be taking the agenda of the Hangar. Contacts for concerts, workshops, interviews and other administrative issues must be made directly via email hangar@uranioprodutora.com.br or by phone (51) 3062-3245.

With this partnership, the first show of the Hangar in 2014 is already confirmed for Uranio Metal Festival – 2nd Edition – to be held in the first half.

We take also to inform you that we are in the final process of recording studios in Porto Alegre and São Paulo. We made some reinterpretations of songs already recorded by Hangar in their first two CD’s with updated interpretations and arrangements. The same will be part of a compilation with the best band in these 15 years of history. We do not have a release date that “The Best Of ..” but we’ll soon have more information as the cover and track list.

Complementing the news, soon we will notice our new member and vocalist who already set but will be announced in due course.

We appreciate the support of all and to come in 2014 with HEAVY METAL!

A big hug!


28.AGO.2013 –  Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello perform workshop in Horizontina in RS

Click here to read! [portuguese only]

20.AGO.2013 –  Aquiles Priester at the cover of Mapex News online magazine!

Click here to read! [portuguese only]

16.AGO.2013 –  Release party of the Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fills DVD in São Paulo!

13.AGO.2013 –  Aquiles Priester performs workshop, master classes and private lessons in Vitória-ES for the first time.

03.AGO.2013 – Buy now the new DVD Aquiles Priester’s Top 100 Drum Fills!

Click at the link and order now!


23.JUL.2013 – ‘Monster drummer’ rocks Zhuhai.

MAGICAL. Superb. Such was the performance of Aquiles Priester, a renowned Brazilian drummer of the power metal band Hangar and the prog metal band Midas Fate, at Discover Music Bar on Jiuzhou Avenue this past Friday afternoon. Priester came to Zhuhai on his first leg of the 2013 MAPEX International Spokesperson Tour in China.

To read more, click here.

17.JUL.2013 – Aquiles Priester conducts workshops across Asia.

Aquiles Priester hold a series of workshops in China and Taiwan for the launch of the signature PsychOctopus Black Panther Snare and also to publicize the new drum series of Saturn IV. See dates below:

– July 19 – Zhuhai, China
– July 20 – Nanchang, China
– July 21 – Chengdu, China
– July 23 – Shenyang, China
– Aug 02 – 268 Drum Festival, Taipei

25.JUN.2013 –  Congratulations AQUILES PRIESTER!

24.JUN.2013 – Masterclass in São Paulo!

13.JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester performs workshops in Japan in July.

Aquiles Priester held four workshops in Japan for the official launch of his signature snare (Aquiles Priester’s PsychOctopus Black Panther by Mapex), and new Mapex Saturn IV drum kit. Prior to these dates, the drummer will be in China to also promote these releases. More information about the dates of China soon. See the schedule of Japan below:

July 27 (Sat): Music Clinic for Ishibashi (Nagoya)
July 28 (Sun): Drum Clinic for Ikebe station Akihabara (Tokyo)
July 29 (Mon): Watanabe Clinic for Digital & Drum (Kyoto)
July 30 (Tue) Clinic for Sonix (Shizuoka)

More information: www.mapexjapan.com

12.JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester talks about the plans for Hangar in 2013.

Click here to read! [portuguese only]

10.JUN.2013 – Nando Mello back to Santa Catarina for a series of workshops in four cities.

13/06 – Criciúma/SC – Workshop com Nando Mello
Local: Emporium Pub
Endereço: Santos Dumont, 2510
Horário: 20h00
Informações e ingressos: 48 9908-2770
Realizacao: IMGN – Instituto de Música Gilson Naspolini

14/06 – Itajaí/SC – Workshop com Nando Mello com participaçao banda Christmess
Local: Biblioteca Pública de Itajaí
Endereço: Heitor Liberato, 1100
Horário: 19h30
Informações no local, entrada franca
Realizacao: P.M. Itajaí e Banda Christmess

17/06 – Itapema/SC – Workshop com Nando Mello
Local: Chateau Excellence Eventos
Endereço: Hironildo Santos, 958
Horário: 20h00
Informações e ingressos: 47 3368-6476
Realizacao: Dat Som Instrumentos Musicais

18/06 – Brusque/SC – Workshop com Nando Mello
Local: VKings
Endereço: Azambuja, 385
Horário: 19h30
Informações : 47 3355-5498
Realizacao: VKings O Mundo da Música

06.JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s drum clinic at Sonix Store in Shizuoka, Japan.


01.JUN.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s drum clinics in Japan

Aquiles Priester is going to play a couple of drum clinics in Japan and China to promote his signature snare called PsychOctopus Black Panther Snare and the new Saturn IV by Mapex. Below you can find more information about the clinics.

Ishibashi music:

Watanabe music:

29.MAI.2013 – Aquiles Priester releases second video from the new DVD Aquiles Priester’s 100 Top Drum Fills



Video taken from the up coming DVD – Aquiles Priester’s 100 TOP DRUM FILLS
Produced by Aquiles Priester
Co-Produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench
Video Direction and Editing by Daniel Piquê
Drums Recorded at Mr. Som Studio in Sao Paulo/SP – Brazil

Band: Midas Fate
Song: Stillborn Reason
Music: Vitor Campos
Album: Magnificent Rebel – 2013

Aquiles Priester – Drums
Vitor Campos – Guitars
Renato Videira – Bass
Mike DiMeo – Vocals


27.MAI.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s PsychOctopus Signature Black Panther Snare comes to Asian market first..

Click to enlarge

It is finally released worldwide Aquiles Priester signature snare. With that done, Aquiles Priester is the first Brazilian drummer to have a signature snare with an international company like Mapex. To promote the snare and also the new Mapex Saturn IV model , Aquiles goes to Japan and to China in July 2013.

See details of the snare signed by the drummer:

Model: BPML4700 CAO 14×7 All Maple
Hoop: Sonic Saver Hoop
10 tensions Lug: Orion Lug
Strainer: Piston Drive

To check the dates of the workshops, click here:

27.MAI.2013 – Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Piracicaba / SP, along with Fabiano Manhas and Daniel Moura.

25.MAI.2013 -Aquiles Priester in Japan and China in July 2013.

Aquiles Priester in a series of workshops with his new Black Panther Snare PsychOctopus in Japan and China. Soon more information on dates in China.

27.ABR.2013 – Workshop Aquiles Priester for the first time in Resende/RJ!

16.ABR.2013 – Privates drum classes in May with Aquiles Priester in Salvador-BA. 

07.ABR.2013 – Classes com Aquiles Priester in Cachoeira Paulista.

03.ABR.2013 – Aquiles Priester – New DVD coming SOON!

All set! Today I gonna start the recordings of my new DVD (100 best Drum Fills of Aquiles Priester) at Mr. Som Studio in Sao Paulo, Brazil! The sound and images are amazing! Video teaser coming soon!
Marcello Pompeu and Daniel Piquê are in the TEAM!

02.ABR.2013 – Aquiles Priester on the cover of Linha de Frente magazine

Read the interview clicking below: [portuguese only]

19.MAR.2013 – Aquiles Priester teaches private lessons in Uberlândia-MG.

19.MAR.2013 – Aquiles Priester teaches master classes and private lessons in Goiânia-GO.

18.MAR.2013 – 12 YEARS IN A ROW!

I want to give a big thanks to each ONE who voted on me as the best BRAZILIAN heavy metal drummer again in 2012. It’s always a great honor to represent you GUYS around the world!
Thanks for all this love and support!
Without YOU, I would not exist!
Aquiles Priester

15.MAR.2013 – Aquiles Priester in private classes and master class in Brasília/DF for the first time

08.MAR.2013 – Aquiles Priester’s Special Gift to Bateras Beat Music School (Porto Alegre, Brazil)

Bateras Beat Porto Alegre recently received a special gift from Aquiles Priester: one of the prototype models of his 18” 2002 PsychOctopus Giga Bell Ride! Aquiles commented: “This ride was played in the recording of my second DVD (The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming), which was voted the 3rd Best Instructional DVD of 2011 by the readers of Modern Drummer Magazine.” He also noted, “It is my pleasure to share this gift with Bateras Beat (Porto Alegre); the efforts of the highly qualified teachers and the entire staff’s continuing dedication to providing quality instruction has given many new drummers the opportunity to expand their knowledge and acquire new and invaluable skills. I am grateful for our partnership.”


Pictured L – R: Bateras Beat Music School Porto Alegre Owner Lilian Bueno and Aquiles Priester

04.MAR.2013 – Aquiles Priester and Fabiano Manhas together for the first time in Taubaté/SP.

17.FEV.2013 – Aquiles Priester classes at Uberlândia-MG on 02/24. One day only with limited places.

17.FEV.2013 – HANGAR is confirmed in Chile’s first edition of the ProgPower festival in South America.

The name Progpower is at this point recognizable throughout the world by power and prog fans. Through the 14 years the festival has been alive there have been several versions of it, being 3 of them still out there: Progpower Europe -the original- Progpower Oslo and Progpower USA. A new member to this family arrives this year 2013: Progpower Southamerica.

The first southamerican edition will put together 16 bands spread among two days, having as a special feature artists from southamerica and Chile; this should set it apart from his brothers in the northern hemisphere and give it a personality of his own. Of course there will be bands from europe and USA as well.

The festival will take place in Caupolican Theatre in august 17 and 18.

It’s important however to make clear that the organzation, booking and overall logistics of Progpower Southamerica is independent from the other festivals. Both glenn Harveston (Progpower USA) and Rene Janssen (Progpower Europe) have given the green light to the event and the authorization to use the name, but are in no way directly involved in the southamerican edition of the festival.

As of today, the bands confirmed for the festival are the following:
Dragonland (Sweden)
Hibria (Brazil
Delta (Chile)
Hangar (Brazil
Husar (Chile)
SteelRage (Chile)

This is just beginning! Menay more names will join and there are a few surprises along the way. Stay tuned to new confirmations!

Press – PPSA

02.FEV.2013 – Aquiles Priester teaches private lessons and master classes in Porto Alegre.

Private Lessons and Master Class
15 and February 16, 2013
Call now and reserve your time!
Merchandising with special price!

email: baterasbeatpoa@baterasbeat.com.br
INFORMATION: (51) 3779.0268 / 9217.0063


Venue: Institute Fabiano Manhas (custom room)
Information: 55 (11) 3975.0847

26.JAN.2013 – Drum Clinic in Panama

Aquiles Priester will be doing a drum clinic for a very first time in Panama! All the Aquiles Priester’s merchandising will be available!

21.JAN.2013 – Aquiles Priester at NAMM 2013

Hello Everyone!
Here’s my schedule for all NAMM appearances/performances this week!
Namm Show 2013
23/01 – Wednesday
Namm Metal Jam – Doors 6:00 PM (Whisky a Go Go)
24/01 – Thursday
Evans Jam Party – 7:00 PM – Lobby Hilton Hotel
26/01 – Saturday
Photo Session  – Hudson Music 1:00 PM
Signing at Gibraltar Booth 1:30 – 2:00 PM
Signing at Paiste Booth 4:00 – 5:00 PM


Venue: Institute Fabiano Manhas (custom room)
Information: 55 (11) 3975.0847

15.JAN.2013 – Aquiles Priester and Eloy Casagrande at Namm Winter Show 2013.


15.JAN.2013 – Hangar on Roadie Crew Magazine – January 2013.

“Hangar: Above any singer” is what tells in the interview. Check it out! On newsstands now!

11.JAN.2013 – Aquiles Priester attend Jam Session at Namm Show 2013 in California Ananheim.


Posted at 12/30/2012

20.DEZ.2012 – Christmas and New Year’s message from Hangar family!

“Again, we were caught by surprise by our love and solidarity. The events of 2012 have taught us a lot. This time we see the love and respect of people who want to build something real and have the courage to move forward in its mission, in his grace, which was given by our Creator. Special thanks to all who believe that anything in this life is worth. It is for you that our flame remains lit. There was nothing that we use a candle in our latest release … That flame never goes out! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! We are full of plans to share with all of you, our faithful squires! ”
Aquiles Priester

“Another year has passed. Filled with changes and news. Filled with hopes and motivations extras. Bliss could find people who support us and never leave us. True friends return to take their places, and plant the seed for the future together with us. May Christmas and 2013 come with the hope of renewal and realization of dreams and achievements that always divide with those who make up our family in our sites, social networking, workshops and concerts. Dream and share what’s better: Life. Merry Christmas and a great 2013. ”
Nando Mello

“I remembered a great story, of which there is no confirmation as well as a story in second person. And one day, in one way or another, for some reason, all human ball blue celebrate 2012 years ago. Celebrate this date, whether Jewish, Atheist, Muslim, Zen or even Christian! Celebrate with gifts, coca cola, mineral water, sushi, natural food or even turkey! Celebrate with a real family, the one, the forgotten or that you forgot. Well that is all true vai, vai who really minds evolve to the level of Santo and return to tell the Father and the Son. Vai that of animals eating each other can and should progress to the level of that man who said that we are beings of light, and meat only transitory and sacred abode of evolution. John Lennon, Gandhi, Buddha, Martin Luther King, Chico Xavier, Kennedy, Mother Teresa, Socrates, Jesus … Some might see walking around here. And even kill them to be quiet soon. Other just heard. Speaking at one point that stood out and actively in mission, vigorously and tirelessly, and apparently inconvenient for some. For many this short list were murdered. A mission is not clear to others, but guided by some precepts old-fashioned and naive: Truth, Solidarity, Justice, Rationality … A giant list that has an acronym fool on earth:
Love, which comes and calms. Contrary to hate.
Happy Love ”
Eduardo Martinez

“Just a line to say that I’m alive and living the life that God asked. Feliz 2013!”
Fabio Laguna

“So this is Christmas … The period of reflection and gratitude! In 2012 sang, screamed, jumped, cried, I met old friends, made new … Anyway … I celebrated life!’m Very grateful for it all! Desire everyone, especially the family Hangar, because were part of this, a Merry Christmas, a great New Year and the coming of 2013! ”
Michael Polchowicz

“The year 2012 was really special to me. After 13 years I could play again with big brothers that make up this family called Hangar. We did several shows in celebration of 15 years of banda and never forget those moments. I wish good health, love and music for all of you this Christmas. ”
Cristiano Wortmann

“I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas and a New Year full of achievements to all who are involved with the Hangar, both amazing people with whom I had the pleasure of sharing the stage, as the entire team that is behind each of the spectacle and especially to you, FANS! Without you it would not make sense to have a stage set. Congratulations to all! ”
Pedro Campos

20.DEZ.2012 – Eduardo Martinez at Guitar Player #200!

“I’m in Guitar Player this month with a story very well led by journalist friend and musician Heverton Nascimento. It’s been exactly ten years since the first time I did appear in this magazine that I collect since 1985. Thank you to Hangar, to our fans and supporters in Art and music industry, without which this would not be possible.

It is the G.P. #200! It is an honor to be in this special edition with monsters of Brazilian music as Pepeu Gomes, Carlini, Lanny Gordin, Sérgio Dias and Scandurra! I watched his shows and played their music for all my life.



16.DEZ.2012 – Spend this Christmas with good music!

12.DEZ.2012 – See photo galleries of recent shows of “The Infallilble Tour 2010-2012”

Shows involving Cristiano Wortmann, Michael Plochowicz and Pedro Campos. Special thanks to photographers: Cristiano Carniel, Karina Kohl and Paula Mordente.

Hangar Day

Porto Alegre

Belo Horizonte

11.DEZ.2012 – Motivational lecture with Aquiles Priester in Curitiba.

Come learn how to manage your career, business and life of musician endorsements, with one of the most successful musicians-drummers today.
For the first time Curitiba receives this kind of event, so common among other professional areas. Undoubtedly, one of the most popular drummers today Aquiles Priester presents its concepts and tips for every musician tread with greater margin of success his professional life.

Books (including an autobiography inspiring), instructional DVDs success, CDs and tours with the biggest names in metal national and international recognition among the great drummers of the world scene, Achilles is the right name to add the best information for those who wish to grow career. Unique opportunity for an unprecedented event.

Open to all musicians, not just drummers!

Tickets at the day of the event.

Dia 18/12/12
Ingressos a 30 reais.
Informações : 41-3322 5462 / www.drumtime.com.br
Abertura : alunos de bateria da Drum Time.


03.DEZ.2012 – Aquiles Priester performs workshop in Juiz de Fora for the first time.

6º Encontro de Bateristas de Juiz de Fora-MG
13 e 14 de Dezembro de 2012!
Aquiles Priester, Christiano Rocha, Mário Gaiotto e Tiago de Souza.
Ingressos antecipados na Live Music – Vagas Limitadas
Rua Espírito Santo, 730
Informações: (32) 3234.991

03.DEZ.2012 – Pictures from the show in Porto Alegre at Opinião Bar

Click here to access the whole gallery!
Photos by: Karina Kohl


PHONE: 55 11 3975.0847

01.DEZ.2012 – Aquiles Priester will be in Juiz de Fora/MG for the first time presenting his workshop.

13/12 – Juiz de Fora/MG – Workshop Aquiles Priester
Local: Salão do Victory Hotel
Horário: 18h30
Endereço: Avenida Independência, 1850
Ingressos antecipados na Live Music – Vagas Limitadas
Rua Espírito Santo, 730
Informações: (32) 3234.9911

29.NOV.2012 – New dates for Workshop and Motivational lecture.

Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello presents for the first time workshop in Chapecó-SC and motivational lecture with Aquiles Priester in Curitiba-PR.

18/12 – Curitiba/PR – Palestra Motivacional com Aquiles Priester
Local: Teatro Tuc (Galeria Júlio Moreira – Largo da Ordem)
Horário: 19h30
Informações: (41) 3322.5462
www.drumtime.com.br – @drumtimejoel

20/12 – Chapecó/SC – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação especial de Nando Mello
Local: Getúlio Chapecó
Horário: 19h00
Ingressos antecipados na loja Casa da Música
Informações: (49) 3328.9639

23.NOV.2012 – Guitar classes with Eduardo Martinez.

23.NOV.2012 – Motivational speech with Aquiles Priester in Curitiba/PR.

16.NOV.2012 – Aquiles Priester – New videos

AQUILES PRIESTER – Ölüdeniz // (A Tribute to Tony MacAlpine)

AQUILES PRIESTER – Captivity (A House with a Thousand Room)


Produced by Aquiles Priester
Co-Produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench
Video Direction and Editing by Daniel Piquê
Drums Recorded at Mr. Som Studio in São Paulo/SP – Brazil
October 10th, 2012
Mixed and Mastered by Heros Trench at Mr. Som Studio

13.NOV.2012 – Aquiles Priester interviewed by Gazeta do Povo journal from Curitiba

To read the interview CLICK HERE! [portuguese only]

08.NOV.2012 – Masterclass with Aquiles Priester in Santa Maria/RS

22/11 – Santa Maria/RS – Masterclass com Aquiles Priester
Local: Musiartes
Endereço: Rua Astrogido de Azevedo, 91
Horário: 19h30
Informações e Ingressos: (55) 3307 3550
Aulas particulares no período da tarde. VAGAS LIMITADAS!


Check in the link below the names of the winners.


07.NOV.2012 – Masterclass and classes with Aquiles Priester in Santa Cruz do Sul/RS

23/11 – Santa Cruz do Sul/RS – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
24/11 – Santa Cruz do Sul/RS – Master Class com Aquiles Priester
Local: Estudio Boca de Sons
Endereço: Rua Gonçalves Ledo, 487
Horário: 10h00
Informações e Ingressos: (51) 9922 0607
Realização: Astor Rocha Escola de Bateria e Colegio Marista Sao Luís
Obs: Não há mais vagas disponíveis para aulas, apenas para o Masterclass

04.NOV.2012 – AQUILES PRIESTER – Ölüdeniz // (A Tribute to Tony MacAlpine)

Provided the first new video of Aquiles Priester. It is a tribute to the great guitarist Tony MacAlpine.
Special thanks to Daniel Pique, Marcelo Pompeu, Heros Trench, Nando Mello and Tony MacAlpine.
Watch it now by clicking here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i6O08EggPrA

Ölüdeniz (A Tribute to Tony MacAlpine)
Produced by Aquiles Priester
Co-Produced by Marcello Pompeu and Heros Trench
Video Direction and Editing by Daniel Piquê
Drums Recorded at Mr. Som Studio in São Paulo/SP — Brazil
October 10th, 2012
Bass Recorded at Estúdio Mídia by Adriano Aguiar in Gravataí/RS – Brazil
Mixed and Mastered by Heros Trench at Mr. Som Studio

Artist: Tony MacAlpine
Song: Ölüdeniz
Music: Tony MacAlpine
Album: Tony MacAlpine – 2011

Aquiles Priester – Drums
Nando Mello – Bass
*Guitars and Keyboards by Tony MacAlpine
*Taken from the original album

02.NOV.2012 – NEW DATES

21/11 – Tucunduva/RS – Workshop Aquiles Priester – Participação especial de Nando Mello e Eduardo Martinez na 24º Festa do Músico!
Uma das maiores e mais tradicionais reuniões de músicos do sul do Brasil pela primeira vez recebe um workshop com músicos de heavy metal.
Local: Festa do Músico
Endereço: Tucunduva/RS
Horário: 16h00
Infos: www.festadomusico.com.br

25/11 – Porto Alegre/RS – Show 15 anos Banda Hangar
Noite Senhor F leva a Porto Alegre o show comemorativo dos 15 anos da banda Hangar. Participação especial de Michael Polchowicz e Cristiano Wortmann
Local: Bar Opinião
Endereço: José do Patrocinio, 834
Horário: 21h00
Infos: (51) 9246.0676

08/12 – Belo Horizonte/MG – Show Hangar
Depois de 2 anos o Hangar volta a Belo Horizonte.
Participação especial de Michael Polchowicz e Cristiano Wortmann
Local: Music Hall
Endereço: Contorno, 3239
Horário: 21h00
Ingressos: www.ingressorapido.com.br
Infos: (031) 4003-1212

31.OUT.2012 – Want to have private lesson with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo?

Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Sao Paulo on November 29.
Information on the Instituto Fabiano Manhas, phone: 55 (11) 3975.0847

27.OUT.2012 – Public Petition for the band Hangar to play at the Rock in Rio festival in Brazil 2013!

The Hangar band has 15 years down the road, 5 cds studio including one who is totally acoustic, rare thing for a band of National Metal, the newly released DVD is also in the acoustic format, have done more than 300 shows and has had great singers like: Nando Fernandes and Humberto Sobrinho.

It’s the only heavy metal band from Brazil that has its own bus and PA and backline!!

Not to mention the drummer, Aquiles Priester, who is considered one of the best in the world and represents Brazil in several countries across the globe!

Hangar at Rock in Rio now!!

Access the link: http://www.peticaopublica.com.br/?pi=P2012N30674


Today was the first day of mixing audios of new videos! The sound is AWESOME! SO BIG!
I will keep you posted! 😉

23.OUT.2012 – Pic from Expo Ijuí


Click here to access the photo gallery from the website.

Photos by Charlei Haas and Tiago Benedetti.

23.OUT.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester with Nando Mello in Catalão/GO

11/11 – Catalão/GO – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação especial de Nando Mello
Local: Seven Music
Horário: 16h00
Endereço: Avenida Raulina Fonseca Paschoal, 1501
Informações: Helinho Drummer (64) 8125.7454

23.OUT.2012 – Aquiles Priester at 1st Drum Day!

Attention people from Brasilia!
Here comes the 1st Day Drums with Aquiles Priester, Daniel Oliveira and Italo Bruno!

31/10 – Brasília/DF – 1º Drum Day (Aquiles Priester, Daniel Oliveira e Ítalo Bruno)
Local: Centro Cultural de Brasília
Horário: 20h00
Endereço: SGAN 601, Módulo B – Asa Norte
Informações: (61) 3340.8955

19.OUT.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester with Nando Mello as special guest in Uberlândia.

10/11 – Uberlândia/MG – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação especial de Nando Mello
Local: Conservatório Estadual de Música Cora Pavan Capparelli
Horário: 18h00
Endereço: Avenida Afonso Pena, 3060
Bairro Brasil
Ingressos antecipados LIMITADOS por R$10,00, à venda na loja Sonic Instrumentos e no Conservatório (Xerox)
Organização: Tatiana Ribeiro

16.OUT.2012 – Lecture about Music & Marketing with Aquiles Priester in Florianópolis

25/10 – Florianópolis/SC – Palestra sobre Marketing Musical com Aquiles Priester
Local: Centro de Eventos da UFSC – Sala Aroeira
Horário: 19h00
Ingressos: R$ 30,00 alunos do Bateras Beat
Apoio: B ateras Beat Florianópolis e UFSC
Infos: (48) 3371 9296

16.OUT.2012 – Cristiano Wortmann e Mike Polchowicz!

Membros Fundadores do Hangar falam sobre os shows comemorativos, histórias da época, a polêmica com as trocas de integrantes e muito mais!


16.OUT.2012 – Hey Mike!

I have no words to thank you Man! I could not believe it when I saw you on stage with the Hangar’s t-shirt!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!
It means a lot to me!
Aquiles Priester and Hangar! 😉

16.OUT.2012 – Aquiles Priester performs “Music & Marketing” lecture on 17 October at 18h00 at the Universidade Federal Fluminense in Volta Redonda / RJ.

10.OUT.2012 – All set with my drum kit at Mr. Som Studios here in São Paulo!

The soundcheck is done! Tomorrow, October 11, I will start the recordings of some ideas of the new Hangar’s CD, a track from Nili Brosh’s album (which also has Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann), two new songs of my new instrumental project with the guitar player Gustavo Carmo and another TOP secret project that I cannot say anything now! More news soon! 😉

07.OUT.2012 – Interview with Nando Mello by Ronaldo Lobo from the Ibt Bass Festival magazine

http://www.ibtbassfestival.com.br/revista0017/ [portuguese only]

06.OUT.2012 – Classes with Aquiles Priester in Juíz de Fora/MG

05.OUT.2012 – New dates!

13/10 – Gravataí/RS – Nando Mello e Eduardo Martinez com Michael Polchowicz e banda Zerodoze
Local: Barão Brasil
Endereço: Dorival de Oliveira, 6630
Horário: 20h00
Infos: www.baraobrasil.com.br

19/10 – Ijuí/RS – Aquiles Priester, Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez e convidados na ExpoIjuí
Show especial com participação dos músicos Michael Polchowicz (Venus Attack), Cristiano Wortmann (Zerodoze) e Marcelo Rodrigues (Bettyfull e Riffmaker) interpretando alguns clássicos absolutos do metal e também músicas do Hangar.
Local: Anfiteatro do Parque de Exposições
Endereço: ExpoIjuí
Horário: 22h00
Infos: (55) 9159.5829
Realização: Rádio Progresso

20/10 – Frederico Westphalen/RS – Banda Riffmaker com participação especial de Aquiles Priester e Eduardo Martinez
Show especial dos calouros e alunos da UFSM/Cesnors com a banda Riffmaker (Nando Mello, Michael Polchowicz, Cristiano Wortmann, Marcelo Rodrigues) e com participação especial de Aquiles Priester e Eduardo Martinez.
Local: Les Paul Rock Pub
Endereço: Rua Piratini, 1022
Horário: 22h00
Ingressos : R$ 15,00
Infos: (55) 9950.5490

05.OUT.2012 – Eduardo Martinez is the newest member of the Group Libertango and debuts in Sao Leopoldo RS!

04.OUT.2012 – Intervirew with Aquiles Priester at Rock Bike Tattoo!

We had live in the studio the more than great drummer Aquiles Priester. He told his story, the obsession with drums, spoke about his biography and the process of selecting the new singer for the band Hangar… Check out the great interview.


02.OUT.2012 – Aquiles Priester live today at Rock Bike Tattoo

He will be at 21h live at the studio talking about his history.


02.OUT.2012 – See the interview with Aquiles Priester at Perkusista magazine from Poland!



27.SET.2012 – Private drum lessons with Aquiles Priester in Florianópolis/SC

24/10 – Florianópolis/SC – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: Bateras Beat
Informações: (048) 3371-9296 ou 9926.9296

27.SET.2012 – Private drum lessons with Aquiles Priester in Ponta Grossa/PR

27/10 – Ponta Grossa/PR – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: Bateras Beat
Endereço: Rua Barão do Serro Azul, 601
Informações: (042) 3027-6903 ou pontagrossa@baterasbeat.com.br

27.SET.2012 – Aquiles Priester performs lecture about Music Marketing in Volta Redonda/RJ

17/10 – Volta Redonda/RJ
Palestra Marketing Musical com Aquiles Priester
Local: Universidade Federal Fluminense
Horário: 18h00
Entrada Gratuita
Inscrições: http://www.icex.uff.br/inscricao/

26.SET.2012 – Aquiles Priester and Hangar at Programa do Jô.

In this Wednesday, Sept. 26, Jo Soares interview Maria Fernanda Candido, Aquiles Octopus Priester and Walter Firmo.

Maria Fernanda Candido is in Session Therapy series, directed by Selton Mello, will debut in the GNT.

Aquiles Octopus Priester was voted the best drummer of heavy metal from Brazil for eleven consecutive years and the fifth best drummer in the world in 2011 by Modern Drummer magazine USA (considered the bible of the drums in the world). Born in South Africa and grew up in Porto Alegre.

Walter Firmo is one of the most celebrated photographers in Brazil and abroad and now offers Light in body and soul, theme shows Walter Firmo Collection will bring to Sao Paulo 26 images of the master of Brazilian photography.

26.SET.2012 – Want to have private lesson with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo?

Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Sao Paulo on September 27.
Information on the Instituto Fabiano Manhas, phone: 55 (11) 3975.0847

17.SET.2012 – Hangar at Expomusic 2012

08.SET.2012 – Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello in the Northeast of Brazil in September.

Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello will conduct workshops, master classes and private lessons at Northeast in September, see the schedule below:

11/09 – Salvador/BA – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação de Nando Mello
Local: Teatro do Sesi
Endereço: Rua Borges dos Reis, Rio Vermelho
Horário: 19h30
Ingressos: R$ 50,00 (Estudantes pagam meia entrada)
Infos: (71) 3616.7061 / 3616.7061 / 8172.8197
Realização: BPM Bateras Pro Instituto Musical e Procurando Arte Produções

12/09 – Salvador/BA – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: BPM Bateras Pro Instituto Musical
Endereço: Rua Jaime Simas, 26
Bairro: Boca do Rio
Vagas limitadas
Informações: (71) 3230.0616

13 e 14/09 – Recife/PE – Master Class e aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: Alive Studio
Endereço: Avenida Conselheiro Aguiar, 4734 Loja 18
Bairro: Boa Viagem
Informações: (81) 9977. 3126

15/09 – Palmares/PE – Workshop/Master Class com Aquiles Priester participação Nando Mello
Local: Eletrosat
Endereço: Praça Dr. Paulo Paranhos, 31
Horário: 15h00
Informações: (81) 8752.6400 – 9961.2198

17/09 – Picos/PI – Master Class com Aquiles Priester
Local: Auditório do Centro Cultural Santa Rita
Horário: 18h00
Vagas Limitadas
Informações: (89) 9979.0585

18/09 – Teresina/PI – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação de Nando Mello
Local: Sala Torquato Neto
Horário: 18h00
Ingressos à venda na Musical Shop
Informações: (81) 3226.2691

06.SET.2012 – Want to have private lesson with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo?

Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Sao Paulo on September 27.
Information on the Instituto Fabiano Manhas, phone: 55 (11) 3975.0847

06.SET.2012 – Ad aired on Roadie Crew Magazine of September 2012.

05.SET.2012 – Review of the DVD Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí/RS – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live! is 9,0 at Roadie Crew Magazine – September 2012

The hangar had already surprised to release last year, the acoustic CD “Acoustic But Plugged In.” The surprise in this case has nothing to do with the competence of the band’s performance, something indisputable and known even by my grandmother, but to show the beauty of the melodies and harmonies of the quintet repertoire something that distortion and volume of Heavy metal does not always let on. Now is the time for the band release the DVD of the tour to promote the album, recorded in the city of Rio Grande do Sul Ijuí as the name of the video already shown. On its face, draws attention to the care the band surrounded himself to compose this release. There is much more here than just a show. Clips, “making ofs”, interviews (with some revealing details that will certainly draw more attention) and some bonuses that will make the celebration of the fans who love this kind of “gift”. But is the show that attracts more attention. And what a show! In the CD had been latent th competence and musicality of the keyboardist Fabio Laguna, in this DVD video that practically jumps in your lap. Moreover, the new vocalist André Leite, also confirms the rescue of talent and charisma that the band resented for some time. Moreover, Aquiles Priester, as always, stands out for creative performance and precise, even in a much smaller drum kit – of up to see the face behind the instrument! Every show is a highlight of the DVD, but “Haunted By Your Ghosts”, a song written especially for the acoustic design, is a real find.

05.SET.2012 – Interview with Aquiles Priester at Vitrola Verde blog.

It is with great honor that I interview one of the best drummers in the world. Aquiles Priester divides here some of his musical career in the bands of Paul Di ‘Anno, Angra, Hangar and also the test he did in the band Dream Theater. Learn more about the book, workshops, concerts and stages of Aquiles Priester, which is releasing with band Hangar the DVD “Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí/RS – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live.”

The show is only beginning…

To read the interview click here! [only portuguese]

30.AGO.2012 – DVD Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí/RS – COLLECTOR’S EDITION

We released 500 copies with special markup! There’s nothing different from other copies without this marking, but it is something special for collector. If you have the DVD with this blue mark (in the upper right), will have one of the 500 first copies of this DVD!

26.AGO.2012 – HANGAR – DVD release “Haunted By Your Ghosts In Ijuí/RS – Acoustic, But Plugged In And Live!”



André Leite (vocal)
Eduardo Martinez (acoustic guitar)
Fábio Laguna (keyboards and backing vocals)
Nando Mello (bass and backing vocals)
Aquiles Priester (drums and backing vocals)

It was supposed to be a simple shoot just to register the moment. But “simple” and “Hangar” are words that are rarely seen together in the same phrase. After all, besides their high-quality music, the band has become known for the detail that goes into all of their productions, be they records, gigs or, as now, video.

Therefore, following the release of the band’s first acoustic album, “Acoustic, But plugged In” (2011), the band went on tour throughout Brazil and decided to take the opportunity and shoot their first DVD at a gig that took place at the SESC theater in Ijuí, a city in the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.

The basic set list is the same as that contained in the CD that originated the gig and shows a very tight band and, above all, a band happy to be recording their performance. No tension whatsoever is noted and that would be normal under these circumstances when a gig is being recorded thus allowing no room for mistakes. The self-confidence of André Leite (vocals), Eduardo Martinez (guitar), Fábio Laguna (keyboards), Nando Mello (bass), Aquiles Priester (drums) and guest Théo Vieira (guitar) is evident in each passage, in each change of tempo and in each vocalization. Incidentally, the fact that all musicians, with the exception of Martinez, collaborate with the backing vocals, adds a lot to Hangar’s music.

Besides the gig itself, there are an infinity of extras on the DVD such as interviews, a short documentary accompanying the production of the gig, two video clips and their respective “making of” besides a surprise song that completes the video and makes it a real collector’s item not only for Hangar fans but for all of those who appreciate and accompany Brazilian heavy metal.

Antonio Carlos Monteiro

Track List:
One More Chance
The Reason of your Conviction
Angel of Stereo
The Infallible Emperor (1956)
Your Skin and Bones
Solitary Mind
Based on a True Story
Haunted by your Ghosts
Time to Forget
Dreaming of Black Waves
Call me in the Name of Death
To Tame a Land
Forgive the Pain
Inside your Soul

DVD contents:
– Making of and Show Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí/RS – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live!
– Interviews
– Picture gallery
– Video Clip and Making Of from the songs Haunted by your Ghosts e Based on a True Story
– Bonus Track

26.AGO.2012 – Unbelievable! Infallible!

When we write a song or a letter, you never know what can happen, but there are a couple things that are unbelievable! I have no words to thank YOU for that Raonni! Thanks for giving us such a thrill! 😉


13.AGO.2012 – Hangar!

The same guys in 1999 and 2012! The reincarnation of the love for our music. Aquiles Priester, Michael Polchowicz, Nando Mello and Cristiano Wortmann! We finally met again during my talk in Porto Alegre-RS, at Urânio Music School!… Amazing VIBE!

13.AGO.2012 – Aquiles Priester’s Interview at Ritmi Magazine – Italy

Aquiles Priester, one of the most important drummer in the progressive music world. Tenacity, independence, power and clean playing his characteristics. 2011 it’s probabily the year that will stay forever in his mind, Dream Theatre ask him to attend the casting set up after Mike Portnoy leave the band. Although he wasn’t chosen being called for that casting It’s a big honor and his visibility has reached an higher point.

Full article: http://ritmi.accordo.it/article.do?id=67872

09.AGO.2012 – Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello for the first time in São Lourenço/MG.

02.AGO.2012 – Aquiles Priester in Salvador-BA.

11/09 – Salvador/BA – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação de Nando Mello
Local Teatro do Sesi
Rua Borges dos Reis – Bairro Rio Vermelho
Horário: 19:h30
Ingressos: R$ 50,00 (Estudantes pagam meia entrada)
Infos: (71) 3616.7061 e 8172.8197
Realização: BPM Bateras Pro Instituto Musical e Procurando Arte Produções

12/09 – Salvador/BA – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: BPM Bateras Pro Instituto Musical
Rua Jaime Simas, 26 Boca do Rio
Vagas limitadas
Informações: (71) 3230.0616

01.AGO.2012 – New Aquiles Priester T-Shirt available.

The new Aquiles Priester T-Shirt The First Ten Years Playing Paiste, is now available for purchase at the Die Hard store in Sao Paulo. To buy, click the link below or go to the Gallery Of Rock.


26.JUL.2012 – Events confirmed in August at Rio Grande do Sul with Aquiles Priester

02/08 – Canela/RS – Oficina da Música traz a Canela pela primeira vez.
Local: Casa de Pedra
Av.Oswaldo Aranha, 30
Horário: 20h00
Informações: 54 3282 2346

04/08 – Gravataí/RS – Aulas com Aquiles Priester – Pela primeira vez em Gravataí
Local: Garage Studio
Rua São Cristóvão, 582
Marque já seu horário
Informações: 51 3043.3176 ou 9269.0288
com Filipe Fettu

07/08 – Três de Maio/RS – Workshop Aquiles Priester com participação de Nando Mello
A Musical de Três de Maio apresenta pela primeira vez na cidade
Local: Armazém Liquid
Av.Santa Rosa, 797
Três de Maio/RS
Horário: 20h00
Informações: 55 3535 1967
Participação especial do baterista Mauriel Ourique

09/08 – Porto Alegre/RS – Palestra “Marketing Musical” com Aquiles Priester
Urânio Complexo Cultural apresenta Aquiles Priester
Local: Urânio Complexo Musical
Rua São Luis, 894, Santana
Porto Alegre/RS
Horário: 19h00
Informações: 51 3062 3245

26.JUL.2012 – Paiste’s new 2002 Giga Bell Ride “PsychOctopus” – New cymbal inspired by Aquiles Priester

Renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the worldwide introduction of its 18″ 2002 Giga Bell Ride ‘Psychoctopus’, created in accordance with Aquiles Priester’s sound and visual ideas. The 2002 Giga Bell Ride enhances Paiste’s line of artist inspiration cymbals and celebrates Aquiles’ loyalty and dedication to the Paiste sound for the over ten years.


24.JUL.2012 – Aquiles Priester in Recife/PE

DIAS 13 e 14 de Setembro de 2012 (quinta e sexta-feira).

– Dias 13 e 14/09, às 19 horas.
Investimento: R$80,00 (grátis DVD ou Livro*)
Ingressos disponíveis na Blackout Discos e Disco de Ouro, a partir do dia 30/07
Local: Alive Studio

… * Inscreva-se agora mesmo na masterclass e leve grátis um dos dois:
– Dvd “The Infallible Reason of My Freak Drumming”;
– Método para dois bumbos “Inside My Psychobook”.

|| AULA PARTICULAR (individual):
– Dias 13 e 14/09, com horários disponíveis pela manhã e tarde.
Investimento: R$100,00 (hora/aula)
Inscrições via depósito bancário*. Envie um e-mail para madesign.art@gmail.com para receber o nº da conta
Local: Alive Studio

*Verificar disponibilidade de horário no caso de aula particular.
INFORMAÇÕES: madesign.art@gmail.com / (81) 9977-3126

24.JUL.2012 – Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez and Michael Polchowicz together in a workshop at Cordas e Cordas music school.

Eduardo Martinez is a guitarist of Hangar which is releasing the DVD ”Haunted By Ghosts in Your Ijuí – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live!” and together with bassist Nando Mello is elected annually as one of the 10 most respected metal musicians by the national press. Besides the intense production of the band, with five studio albums, four music videos and concerts alongside names like Dream Theater, Savatage, Queensrÿche, Paul Di’Anno and Sepultura, Martinez on your luggage includes a BA in guitar UFRGS. The workshop covers topics such as performance, composition, production, musical training, marketing and plays songs from Hangar and Freakeys. The event will feature the singer of Venus Attack and former vocalist of Hangar, Mike Polchowicz, playing songs from the album Inside Your Soul.

Local: Auditório Cordas e Cordas Escola de Música
Data: 25 de Agosto de 2012
Horário: 18h
Ingressos: R$20 antecipado e R$25 no local
Endereço: Rua Garibaldi N°1042, Bom Fim, POA
Fone: (51) 3311-4147

23.JUL.2012 – Aquiles Priester’s interview in The Black Page website

“I’m always playing drums, even if only in my mind…”
Aquiles Priester

For many, Aquiles Priester was a name that became uber popular after the Dream Theater drum auditions. However, Aquiles has long been a superstar in his native Brazil, and the onetime corporate executive has fast become the world’s most popular clinician. Aquiles is as big a success story as they get, and it was truly an honor to interview the man they call the Octopus.

Read the article: http://www.theblackpage.net/interviews/aquiles-priester

23.JUL.2012 – Aquiles Priester & House of Bones in Seattle


23.JUL.2012 – Personal drum classes with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo.

Class will be on 29th of July! Reserve your time at the Institute Fabiano Manhas by phone: 55 11 3975-0847.

Classes are held in the personal equipment of Aquiles Priester!

19.JUL.2012 – Hangar provides new song from the new DVD.

The song Solitary Mind” is the first full song released from the DVD – Haunted by Ghosts in your Ijuí-RS.
To order the DVD in the pre-sale, click here! 

Note: The DVD bought in pre-sale will be delivered on the day 09/01/2012. The normal selling in the national network of stores, just start from the day 09/15/2012.

19.JUL.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester with special guest: Nando Mello

16/08/12 – São Lourenço/MG
Horário: 19h30
Endereço: Avenida Getúlio Vargas 176 – Centro
Local: Oficina de Música Erich Mathias
Informações: (35) 3331.4608
Com entrega de certificado de workshop

Dia 17/08, aulas exclusivas com Aquiles Priester na Oficina de Música Erich Mathias
Valor do work R$25,00
Valor da aula R$130,00

19.JUL.2012 – First Paiste Day Brasil happens in São Paulo!

[click to enlarge]

13.JUL.2012 –  International Drum Camp.

[click to enlarge]

Hello Guys,
I had a great time teaching, performing and hanging with you guys at International Drum Camp in Nevers, France!
I hope to see you guys again soon!

10.JUL.2012 – Nando Mello interviewed by Arena Heavy website. [portuguese only]


10.JUL.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester + Nando Mello in Santos.

10.JUL.2012 – Check this out! Aquiles Priester performing at Modern Drummer Festival 2011.



06.JUL.2012 – Aquiles Priester will be performing at International Drum Summer Camp – France.

25.JUN.2012 – Congratulations, congratulations Aquiles Priester, broaden choices every day that you peace and joy in the fields of friendship…

A meager sprouted on African soil. It took guts, gained strength, grew like a dream and his dream realized. Today is brave, fearless warrior, just as a batsman. Aquiles Priester higher BPM, the drummer uncompromising, a human fighter. Thank, thank you for completing forty-one years teaching us to keep the youth as wisdom and energy to be a winner.

Heart, hug.

Circe Brasil
the fan that registers

[photo by Julien Froment]

25.JUN.2012 – Personal drumlasses with Aquiles Priester in São Paulo.

Classes will be on 27th and 28th of June! Reserve your time at the Institute Fabiano Manhas by phone: 11 3975-0847.

Classes are held in the personal equipment of Aquiles Priester!

18.JUN.2012 – Aquiles Priester teaches the secret of the drum sticks.

Click to enlarge [portuguese only]

11.JUN.2012 – Master Class and private lessons with Aquiles Priester in june!

Master Class & Aulas Particulares com Aquiles Priester
14/06 – Batatais/SP
Horário: 19h00
Aulas Particulares: Das 13h30 às 18h30
Local: 3D Infoshop
Endereço: Avenida 14 de Março, 481
Informnações: (16) 3761-1941

Master Class & Aulas Particulares com Aquiles Priester
15/06 – Ribeirão Preto/SP
Horário Master Class: 19h30
Horário Aulas Particulares: Das 14h00 às 19h00
Local: Escola de Bateria Alex de Rizzo
Rua Guarujá, 350 – Jardim Paulista
Informações: (16) 3968.2310

Aulas Particulares com Aquiles Priester
18 e 19/06 – Volta Redonda/RJ
Informações: (24) 3975.0847

Aulas Particulares com Aquiles Priester
27 e 28/06 – São Paulo/SP
Local: Instituto Fabiano Manhas
Informações: (11) 3975.0847

Master Class & Aulas Particulares com Aquiles Priester
29/06 – Indaiatuba/SP
Horário: 19h00
Aulas Particulares: Das 13h30 às 18h30
Local: Estúdio Elite
Endereço: Rua Bernardino de Campo, 665
Informações: (19) 8195.1100

03.JUN.2012 – Aquiles Priester’s Master Class for the first time in Indaiatuba/SP

29/06 – Indaiatuba/SP
Horário: 19h00
Aulas Particulares: Das 13h30 às 18h30
Local: Estúdio Elite
Endereço: Rua Bernardino de Campo, 665
Informações: (19) 8195.1100 eliteestudiobar@gmail.com

31.MAI.2012 – Aquiles Priester – Master Class in Batatais/SP

No dia 14/06 às 19h00, Aquiles Priester estará ministrando uma master class na loja 3D Infoshop.
Durante o dia, também podem ser realizadas aulas particulares. Agende a sua aula e master class diretamente com a loja.
Informações: Avenida 14 de Março, 481 – (16) 3761-1941.

Investimento: R$70,00 ou R$95,00 e escolha um dos produtos abaixo:
DVD Live In Concert – Inside my Drums
DVD The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming
Livro Inside my PsychoBook – 100 Double Bass Patterns

18.MAI.2012 – Classes with Eduardo Martinez in Curitiba!

17.MAI.2012 – Aquiles Priester will be performing at International Drum Summer Camp – France.

16.MAI.2012 – Complementing Aquiles Priester’s agenda  in the south area, two more dates are being added:

26/05 – Frederico Westphalen/RS – Sessão de autógrafos Aquiles Priester
Autógrafos, bate-papo, merchandising oficial, participação Nando Mello
Local: Lugosi Rock Bazar
Rua João Ruaro, 305 , Bairro Barril
Frederico Westphalen/RS
Horário: 16h00
Informações: 55 9957 6712

28/05 – Horizontina/RS – Palestra “Marketing Musical” com Aquiles Priester
Local: Centro Cultural Belas Artes
Horário: 19h00
Informações: 55 9902 6839 com Alysson Amaral
Apoio : Secretaria de Educação e Cultura de Horizontina
Shop Music Santa Rosa 55 3512 2653

09.MAI.2012 – Hangar starts pre-sales of the new DVD Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí / RS – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live!

Buy the DVD advance promotional price of R$ 28.00. The delivery will be made to all customers until the day 01/09/2012. The DVD will have exclusive marketing by Die Hard days until 15/09/2012, and 01/09/2012 days after the DVD is being sold for $ 35.00. Only after 15/09/2012 the DVD will be available from other stores in Brazil. Buy now via the link: http://www.diehard.com.br/lojaweb/detalhes.asp?codprod=27391

Warning: This transaction, as well as possible questions will be addressed solely by e-mail at diehard@diehard.com.br. If necessary: 55 (11) 3331-3978.

For the residents of Ijuí and region, the DVD will be sold by the store’s Cia. da Música for the price of R $ 28.00 and delivery of products will be made on the date 01/09/2012 in the store. 01/09/2012 After the DVD is being sold for $ 35.00. Address: Avenida Coronel Dico, 22 – Center Ijuí – RS, Telephone: 55 (55) 3332-4015.

08.MAI.2012 – Hangar releases the cover and the pre-order of the new DVD Haunted by your Ghosts in Ijuí-RS!

In the coming days Hangar will begin pre-sales of the first DVD – Haunted by Ghosts in your Ijuí-RS – Acoustic, but Plugged In and Live! through the store Die Hard (for all Brazil) and Cia da Musica (exclusively for residents of Ijuí and region). It will soon be available a promo video from DVD. Wait for it!

06.MAI.2012 – Aquiles Priester conducts drum classes, master classes and lectures about music marketing in the states of Rio Grande do Sul, Santa Catarina and Paraná.

22/05 – Criciúma/SC – Palestra “Marketing Musical”
Local : Auditório da Esucri
Horário : 20hs
Informações : 48 9908 2770

23/05 – Criciúma/SC – Aulas particulares
Local : Estúdio Gilson Naspolini 48 9908 2770
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/gilson.naspolini

24/05 – Osório/RS – Aulas particulares
Local : Roll Over Instrumentos Musicais
Informações : 51 3663 7252
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/lojarollover

25/05 – Porto Alegre/RS – Aulas particulares e Master Class
Local : Bateras Beat
Informações : 51 3779 0268
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/baterasbeatpoa

27/05 – Santo Antonio das Missões – Aulas particulares
Informações : 51 8129 9233
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/mauriel.ourique

31/05 – Ijuí/RS – Aulas particulares
Local : Quanta Estúdio
Informações : 55 9115 4952

01/06 – Ijuí/RS – Aulas particulares
Local : Quanta Estúdio
Informações : 55 9115 4952
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/marcos.rigoli

02/06 – Santa Maria/RS – Aulas particulares
Local : Play Estúdio 55 3027 5345

03/06 – Santa Maria/RS – Palestra “Marketing Musical”
Local : Auditório do Challenger Brasil, Rua dos Andradas, 1799
Informações : 55 3222 2760
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/pozzodanni

04/06 – Carlos Barbosa/RS – Aulas particulares
Local : Escola de Música Universo Fênix
Informações : 54 9961 5468 e 9107 8520

06/06 – Florianópolis/SC – Aulas particulares
Local : Bateras Beat
Informações : 48 3371 9296 e 9926 9296
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/RafaDachary

07/06 – Curitiba/PR – Aulas particulares
Local : Drum Time
Informações : 41 3322 5462
Produção : https://www.facebook.com/drumtimejoeljr

03.MAI.2012 – Drum classes with Aquiles Priester in Santo Antônio da Missões/RS!

30.ABR.2012 – Aquiles Priester – Drum classes at Bateras Beat Floripa on 06/06

19.ABR.2012 – New photo gallery from the Workshop at Palmares/PE

Photos by Denilson Vasconcelos

Click here!

14.ABR.2012 – The announcement “11 years” is aired this month in the Roadie Crew magazine

Aquiles Priester has been voted the best Brazilian heavy metal drummer by the readers of the Roadie Crew magazine and the website Whiplash, the most important vehicles of the Brazilian metal scene, for 11 years in a row!

“Your opinion, once again, weighed in the voting! I am proud of the story we’re creating together, representing our country around theworld. Nobody builds anything alone… Thank you all for your unconditional support!”
Aquiles Priester

14.ABR.2012 – Workshop with Aquiles Priester in Goiânia!

25/04 – Goiânia/GO
Local: Teatro do Colégio Marista – Av. 85, 1440, St. Marista
Horário: 19h00
Participação Especial: Nando Mello, Fábio Laguna e Eduardo Martinez
Abertura: Arthur Albuquerque (J.A.D.E.)
R$ 15,00 – Antecipados
R$ 20,00 – Na portaria
Musical Roriz – Al. Ricardo Paranhos, 955, St. Marista – Goiânia
Fone: (62) 3095-2737
Mais informações

14.ABR.2012 – Aquiles Priester is interviewed by A Voz Da Cidade website

Click below to check it out: [portuguese only]


11.ABR.2012 – Meet the Hangar and Aquiles Priester’s biggest collector!

I met the guy who has the most complete collection of Aquiles Priester & Hangar. It’s Filipe Souza who lives Santos / SP. He plays drums, he takes drums lessons with me and eventually works on the merch of Hangar …
Interesting note: He never bought any CD from our merch … ;)))

Thank you Filipe! It is always a great pleasure to have people like YOU around to encourage us! You are part of our lives!

Aquiles Priester

09.ABR.2012 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Curitiba/PR.

05.ABR.2012 – Hangar releases the second video clip from the album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!”


“Based on a True Story”, which is part of the repertoire of the acclaimed album “Acoustic, But Plugged In!” Was the song chosen to have this second video clip in the acoustic phase of Hangar. The recording took place in FX studio in Sao Paulo in August 2011. The clip was directed by Daniel Piquê (guitarist and art director) and the band continues working on finalizing the first acoustic DVD. News very soon!

04.ABR.2012 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in his personal drum kit.

The classes will be on 26 and 27th April! Reserve your time now at the Fabiano Manhas Institute! Phone: 55 11 3975-0847

02.ABR.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester 2012

02.ABR.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester in Fortaleza/CE

Workshop Aquiles Priester – Nordeste Tour 2012
Special guests: Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez and Fábio Laguna
18/04 – Fortaleza/CE
Local: Oboé – Centro Cultural
Endereço: Rua Maria Tomásia, 531 – (Aldeota – Próximo ao Shopping Del Paseo)
Horário: 19h30
Ingressos antecipados por R$20,00 – Na hora R$25,00
Pontos de Venda:
Bateras Beat Fortaleza – Rua Joaquim Nabuco, 2326 – Aldeota
Nafi Cosméticos – Shopping Iguatemi 2° piso
Informações: (085) 3081.8081
Realização: Bateras Beat Fortaleza

02.ABR.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester in Caruaru/PE

Workshop Aquiles Priester
Special guests: Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez and Fábio Laguna
15/04 – Caruaru/PE
Venue: Nova Music
Doors: 17h00
Tickets: R$15,00 and R$20,00 at the doors
Infos: (081) 9306.5584 ou 8853.7565
Opening: Thomas Alves (Perpétuo Insigne e Kinto Karma)

02.ABR.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester in Recife/PE

Workshop Aquiles Priester
Special guests: Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez and Fábio Laguna
14/04 – Recife/PE
Venue: Burburinho Bar
Address: Rua Tomazina, 106 – Recife Antigo
Doors: 16h00
Ingressos antecipados por R$20,00 na Blackout Discos
* Sorteio de brindes!
* Venda de Merchandising Oficial!
Informações: (81) 8520-4194 ou 3221-2091

31.MAR.2012 – Workshop Aquiles Priester in Palmares/PE

Workshop Aquiles Priester
Special guests: Nando Mello, Eduardo Martinez and Fábio Laguna
13/04 – Palmares/PE
Venue: Praça Paulo Paranhos – Centro
Doors: 19h00
Opening: Júnior Eugênio
Infos: 81-9629-4804


30.MAR.2012 – Paiste’s Slat Wall with Aquiles Priester at Playtech store in Sao Paulo!

29.MAR.2012 – For the first time in Picos at Piauí!

17/04 – Picos/PI – Workshow Hangar
Venue: F.Sá Eventos
Av.Severo Eulálio, Canto da Várzea – Picos/PI
Doors: 19h00
Infos: 89 9979 0585

29.MAR.2012 – New photo gallery of the tour with Tony MacAlpine

Check out the photos taken by the photographer Márta Császár during the show of Budapest, Hungary.

Click here!

24.MAR.2012 – New photo gallery of the tour with Tony MacAlpine

Check out the photos taken by the photographer Julien Froment during the soundcheck and the show of Tony MacAlpine in Paris, France.

Click here!

15.MAR.2012 – Once again, Aquiles Priester is elected the best Brazilian metal drummer

AquilesPriester has been voted the best Brazilian heavy metal drummer by the readers of the Roadie Crew magazine and the website Whiplash, the most important vehicles of the Brazilian metal scene, for 11 years in a row!

“Your opinion, once again, weighed in the voting! I am proud of the story we’re creating together, representing our country around theworld. Nobody builds anything alone… Thank you all for your unconditional support!”
Aquiles Priester

15.MAR.2012 – Interview to Jornal do Interior

Click at the image to enlarge it.

15.MAR.2012 – Canela/RS –  Workshops with Nando Mello and Eduardo Martinez

Nando Mello and Eduardo Martinez at Escola Oficina da Música in Canela.

29/03 – Canela/RS
Local: Casa de Pedra – Rua Baden Powell, 15
Horário: 20h30
Informações: 54 3282 2346 com Matheus
Entrada : R$ 10,00
Apoio : Escola Oficina da Música, Fundação Cultural de Canela, Pousada Canela, Empório Canela e Bank Cds.

15.MAR.2012 – Workshops Tour with Nando Mello and Eduardo Martinez at RS

17/03 – Frederico Westphalen/RS
Local: Lugosi Rock Bazar – Rua João Ruaro, 305
Horário: 16h00
Informações: 55 9957 6712 com Fuga
Entrada Franca
Apoio : Na Mira do Rock

18/03 – Santo Ângelo/RS
Local : Canecão Beer – Rua XV de Novembro
Horário: 19h00
Informações : 55 9196 3269 com Alex
Ingressos : R$ 10,00
Participações : Mauriel Ourique ( Bateria ), Alex Finckler ( Voz ) e Marcos Rígoli (Bateria )

19/03 – Horizontina/RS
Local : Centro Cultural Belas Artes – Rua Taperendi, 1650
Horário : 19h00
Informações : 55 9902 6839 com Alysson
Entrada Franca
Apoio : Secretaria de Educação e Cultura de Horizontina e Shop Music

20/03 – Três de Maio/RS
Local : Armazem Liquid – Av. Santa Rosa, 797
Horário: 19h00
Informações : 55 3535 1967 com Elisandro
Entrada : 1kg de alimento não perecível
Apoio : A Musical

22/03 – Ijuí/RS
Local : Cia. da Música – Av. Cel. Dico, 22
Horário : 18h30
Informações : 55 3332 4015 com Fábio
Entrada Franca

23/03 – São Luiz Gonzaga/RS
Local : Restaurante Bela Vista
Horário : 21h30
Informações : 55 9996 5152 com Álvaro
Entrada : R$ 10,00
Participações : Álvaro Adam ( Guitarra ) e Mauriel Ourique ( Bateria )

12.MAR.2012 – Revealing interview of Aquiles Priester to the musictube.com.br website

Check all that drummer Aquiles Priester thinks about his career, marketing and philosophy. A must for those who want to discover the secret of the Aquiles’ heel. According to the drummer, one of the best interviews of his career…

To check, click the link below and spread to your friends.

http://musictube.com.br/aquiles-priester (portuguese only)

29.FEV.2012 – The brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester is on the cover of Italian Drum Magazine Ritmi.




The edition of the italian Ritmi magazine from March 2012 has the Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester on the cover. In the interview, Aquiles talks about his career as a professional drummer since the beginning of Hangar in 1997 until the current European tour with Tony MacAlpine. The drummer also talks about his presentation at the Modern Drummer Festival, Montreal Drum Festival and also talks about the audition with Dream Theater.

Click here to read the interview in English (PDF File)

Follow the link to see part of the story:

27.FEV.2012 – The band Hangar releases the making of from the new clip of the album Acoustic, but Plugged In!

Based on a True Story, which is part of the track list of the acclaimed album Acoustic, But Plugged In! was chosen to be Hangar’s second video clip at this acoustic moment. The shooting took place in FX studio in Sao Paulo at the end of August 2011. The clip was directed by Daniel Piquê (guitarist and art director), who also directed the video recording of song Haunted by your Ghosts. Also check out the photo gallery of the day of the recording the clip by clicking below:

Photo gallery Making of Based on a True Story

23.FEV.2012 – HANGAR and SEPULTURA at the first edition of Rock Fest Rio Pardo.

On May 19 will happen the first Rock Fest in the city of Sao Jose do Rio Pardo and the headliners will be the Hangar and Sepultura.

São José do Rio Pardo/SP
Venue: Rancho Cadaozinho
Address: R. Francisco Glicério, S/N

Tickets for sale:
Depósito de Bebidas Central
Casa Branca: 
Escritório Contábil São Bento
Guaxupé: Banca Martins
Mococa: Lanchonete Aveirense (em frente à Distok)
Monte Santo de Minas: LL Papelaria
Poços de Caldas: Tatoo Anjos (Galeria Brasil)
São João da Boa Vista: Magoo Music
São José do Rio Pardo: Bar Monte Castelo, Nutri Center, Ponto Mix, Mix Mania
Tapiratiba: Depósito de Bebidas do Paulão
Vargem Grande do Sul: Luar Plaza Hotel

Infos: 19 9316 2792

21.FEV.2012 – Pictures from the show at Blackmore/SP with Michael Polchowicz.

Fotos by: Vivi Carvalho

Click here to view the whole gallery!

07.FEV.2012 – Aquiles Priester – New diagrams from his drum set up.

Access by this link: http://www.aquilespriester.com/ingt/setup.html

07.FEV.2012 – Private drum lessons with Aquiles Priester at São Paulo.

On 02/16/, Aquiles Priester will be giving private drums lessons at the Instituto de Música e Pesquisa Fabiano Manhas. Information: 55 (11) 3975.0847.

07.FEV.2012 – Pictures from the show at Volta Redonda with Michael Polchowicz.


Fotos by: Janaina Antunes Machado and João Marcos Coelho

Click here to view the whole gallery!

02.FEV.2012 – Hangar plays the entire album “Inside Your Soul” at gig at Blackmore in Sao Paulo/SP.

After more than six years away from Hangar, the singer Michael Polchowicz will make a special and historical show singing the entire album “Inside Your Soul”. “This show is part of the commemoration of 10 years since the album was released. It will be a great challenge to play a show with IYS entirely. Surely we do it again in a few more cities throughout 2012,” said Aquiles Priester. Besides the participation of Michael, the band features vocalist Andre Leite doing the electric show in the same night. For the fans it is a big night in Hangar’s carrer, which will show the band’s history in almost three hours of show. The opening act is for the great guitarist Daniel Piquê, who directed the last clip of the song “Haunted by your Ghosts”.

Show celebrating 10 years of the release of the album “Inside Your Soul” with Michael Polchowicz on vocals!
Venue: Blackmore Rock Bar
Address: Alameda dos Maracatins, 1317 – Moema
February 03, 2012
Doors: A partir das 22h00
Advanced tickets: Ticket Brasil by R$20,00

Tickets at the day of the concert: R$25,00
More indos:  www.blackmore.com.br

27.JAN.2012 – Workshop with Nando Mello and Eduardo Martinez at Canela/RS.

During the month of March Mello and Martinez will make a series of workshops at Rio Grande do Sul and the first date is below:

Venue: Espaço Cultural Casa de Pedra – Rua Serafim Dias, 30
Doors: 20h30
Infos: Oficina da Música Escola e Estúdio, fone (54) 3282-2346
Tickets: R$ 10,00

24.JAN.2012 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Sao Paulo.

Due to tour with guitarist Tony MacAlpine, Aquiles Priester will give drum lessons only in JAN/31 at the Fabiano Manhas Institute. After this day, only at the end of March. Information: 55 11 3975.0847.

24.JAN.2012 – Hangar at Momento Atual journal.

Click to read [portuguese only]

13.JAN.2012 – Aquiles Priester will be signing autographs at Paiste Cymbals and Gibraltar Hardware booths, during the Namm Winter Show 2012.

See the schedule below:

Nicko McBrain (Iron Maiden)
Jeremy Spencer (Five Finger Deaht Punch)
Aquiles Priester (Hangar)
Mikkey Dee (MotorHead)
Nigel Glockler (Saxon)

Link: http://www.paiste.com/e/news.php

SATURDAY, JANUARY 21ST @ 11:30 A.M. – 12:00 P.M. 

Van Romaine (Enrique Iglesias)
Steve Ferrone (Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers)
Aquiles Priester (Hangar)
Shawn Drover (Megadeth)

Link: http://www.facebook.com/gibraltarhardware

12.JAN.2012 – Hangar plays the entire album “Inside Your Soul” at gig at Blackmore in Sao Paulo/SP.

After more than six years away from Hangar, the singer Michael Polchowicz will make a special and historical show singing the entire album “Inside Your Soul”. “This show is part of the commemoration of 10 years since the album was released. It will be a great challenge to play a show with IYS entirely. Surely we do it again in a few more cities throughout 2012,” said Aquiles Priester. Besides the participation of Michael, the band features vocalist Andre Leite doing the electric show in the same night. For the fans it is a big night in Hangar’s carrer, which will show the band’s history in almost three hours of show. The opening act is for the great guitarist Daniel Piquê, who directed the last clip of the song “Haunted by your Ghosts”.

Show celebrating 10 years of the release of the album “Inside Your Soul” with Michael Polchowicz on vocals!
Venue: Blackmore Rock Bar
Address: Alameda dos Maracatins, 1317 – Moema
February 03, 2012
Doors: A partir das 22h00
Advanced tickets: Ticket Brasil by R$20,00

Tickets at the day of the concert: R$25,00
More indos:  www.blackmore.com.br

10.JAN.2011 – Round table of brazilian Metal drummers at the cover of Modern Drummer Brasil of January/2012.

Check an unprecedented and historic interview in the magazine Modern Drummer Brasil. Learn about all the studies, equipment, technical tips, great stories and testimonials of amazing drummer Aquiles Priester, Eloy Casagrande, Fernando Schaefer, Jean Dolabela, Max Kolesne, Ricardo Confessori and Rodrigo Oliveira. The interview was conducted by Christiano Rocha and Vlad Rocha. “Without doubt this is the largest gathering of metal drummers ever conducted in our country! The headbangers will love it!” says Aquiles Priester.

08.JAN.2012 – Hangar live plugged and unplugged for the first time in Bebedouro/SP.

13/01/12 – Bebedouro/SP – Show Hangar Acústico
Doors: 22h00
Venue: Kaza Music Bar
Avenida Hércules Pereira Hortal, 800, Centro.
Tickets: R$ 20,00
Official merchandise for sale and signing sessions after the show
Infos: (17) 3343.9843

14/01/12 – Bebedouro/SP – Show Hangar Elétrico e House of Bones
Venue: Escola Espaço Livre
Doors: 22h00
Tickets: R$ 20,00 (antecipado) e R$ 25,00 (na porta)
Casa Rádio, Arena Rock Shop, Rodrigo (17) 9708.6725
Official merchandise for sale and signing sessions after the show

08.JAN.2012 – Michael Polchowicz as special guest with Hangar.

The Hangar’s show in Volta Redonda/RJ will be unforgettable for the band and the fans. After more than six years away from the band, the singer Michael Polchowicz will make a special appearance singing the album “Inside Your Soul” from the first to the last song. “This show is part of the commemoration of 10 years since the album was released. It will be a great challenge to play a show with IYS entirely. Certainly we have to rehearse a lot and I think we’ll do it again in a few more cities throughout 2012” , said Aquiles Priester. In parallel, the band is mixing the audio and editing images from the new DVD, which was recorded in December 2011 in Ijuí/RS. 2012 promises to be a big year for the band!

08.JAN.2012 – New photo gallery from Beholder Fest in Diadema/SP

Pictures by Erika Beganskas. Click here to access the gallery.

04.JAN.2012 – Hangar releases the Making Of from the album Acoustic, but Plugged In! with english subs!


Press [CC] for english subtitles!

See the work of the band since the first rehearsals until the photo shoot for the album. A great experience for the ones who are interested in knowing the whole process of producing an album.

04.JAN.2012 – New photo gallery from Beholder Fest in Diadema/SP

Pictures by Vivi Carvalho. Click here to access the gallery.

02.JAN.2012 – 2011 Retrospective

As I always do at the beginning of each year, here is my 2011 retrospective. I was really surprised with the quantity of good things that happened this year. The holidays are always useful to take stock of everything one has done during the year as well as to set new goals for the upcoming year. Once during a workshop a kid asked me, “How do you know if you’ll be successful when you’re doing something?” And I answered, “I really don’t know. I’m only sure that if I don’t do something, nothing will happen”. If you don’t believe it’s worth doing something, you’ll start out with the wrong foot because you’ll begin by not believing. Thus, if we don’t believe in ourselves, who will?

• On January 1st, I received two important nominations for my career. I was among five nominated as best Prog Metal drummers of the world and my DVD, “The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming”, was also nominated as best instructional DVD by the highly regarded drum magazine, Modern Drummer USA.
• Elóy Casagrande and I took part of Paiste Day Los Angeles right after the Namm Show in Anaheim, California.

• Hangar was able to begin musical activities for the first time in the band’s history before Carnival with workshops in Ribeirão Preto/São Paulo, Londrina/Paraná, Goiânia/Goiás and Anápolis/Goiás.
• I received an official invitation to take part of the Modern Drummer Festival in New Jersey, USA on the main stage.

• I took part of the official Mapex Black Panther Limited Edition drum release at the Musik Messe in Frankfurt, Germany along with Vera Figueiredo.
• I did the first of a series of pocket shows with Hangar for the release of my official biography “Aquiles Octopus Priester – From to Idol”, in various megastores throughout Brazil.
• Since 2001, I have been elected for 10 years in a row the best brazilian Metal Drummer for the readers of Roadie Crew Magazine.

• I received invitations to take part of the Montreal Drum Fest (Canada) and also the La Rioja Drum Fest (Spain).
• The band Dream Theater officially disclosed that I took part of the most important contemporary drum audition of the world. Only seven drummers all over the world were selected for this audition: Mike Mangini, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Marco Minnemann, Peter Wildoer, Derek Roddy and Aquiles Priester.

• I took part of the Modern Drummer Festival and went down in the history of the most important drum festival of the world. I was the first Brazilian metal drummer invited to take part of the event. The presentation was recorded and will be released as a future DVD.
• Hangar began recording the first acoustic CD ever recorded by a heavy metal band in Brazil.
• Hangar played at the Virada Cultural in Presidente Prudente/São Paulo for 18.000 people.
• Finally, after eighteen years of waiting, I had the chance to personally meet the great master Deen Castronovo! I have many great memories of this meeting;

• The result of the best of the year according to the magazine Modern Drummer USA came out and I was voted 5th best Prog Metal drummer of the world next to an enviable ranking: Neil Peart, Mike Portnoy, Gavin Harrison and Marco Minnemann. My DVD “The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming” came in 3rd as best instructional DVD of the world in 2011.

• I took part of the Batuka Brasil! International Drum Fest at the Ibirapuera auditorium in São Paulo, organized by Vera Figueiredo.

• For the first time I did workshops in Honduras and El Salvador invited by Mapex.
• I received the final prototypes of my rides to be released by Paiste.

• Hangar released the album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!” as well as the video clip of the only unpublished track of the album “Haunted by your Ghosts”. The release was followed by a series of acoustic gigs at the 2011 Expomusic in São Paulo.
• I was on the cover of Modern Drummer Brazil magazine for the fifth time in my career along with a coverage about Batuka Brasil! International Drum Fest.
• I took part of the La Rioja Drum Fest in Spain for an estimated public of 5000 people.
• For the first time in the history of the company, Paiste released a signature cymbal of a Brazilian drummer. “PsychOctopus Giga Bell Ride 18” is released at the Expomusic in São Paulo. I go down in the history of the brand next to Nicko Mc Brain, Stewart Copeland and John Dolmayan who also have signature cymbals of the brand.

• My partnership with Mapex completed 10 years and I did a historical workshop on the stage of EM&T School in São Paulo.
• For the first time I did four workshops in the Czech Republic invited by Paiste.
• I took part of the Laguna Drum Fest in Torreon, Mexico.
• I took part of the Montreal Drum Fest in Quebec, Canada.
• For the first time Hangar played at the Araraquara Rock Festival.

• I received an invitation from Tony Macalpine to play a jam at the Namm Show 2012 in Anaheim, California.
• Breaking all paradigms, for the first time a Heavy Metal drummer takes part of the Festival Internacional de Percussão do Conservatório Musical (International Percussion Festival of the Musical Conservatory) in Tatuí/São Paulo.
• During the PASIC Show in the USA the Modern Drummer Festival 2011 DVD is released and I officially go down in the history of the festival.

• Tony MacAlpine disclosed the first dates of his world tour and I was invited to accompany the guitar player.
• Hangar played at the Beholder Fest in Diadema for 10.000 people.
• Hangar was invited to play at the Metal Air Open Festival 2012 which will take place in São Luís do Maranhão.
• The album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!” is Hangar’s best selling album in the first months after its release, something unheard of for a Metal band.
• After almost 15 years Hangar recorded their acoustic DVD in Ijuí, Rio Grande do Sul in a historic night for the band’s career.

01.JAN.2012 – Check out some videos of Aquiles Priester at Paiste Drum Day in Sofia, Bulgary on 20 October 2011.

A Miracle in my Life: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lVWJxFnvnFA
Some Light to Find my Way: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c45BDTK4OcQ
The Reason of your Conviction: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AXJrAkxlkjo
The Infallible Emperor (1956): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y0Y4rIOQUcY

Posted at 12/30/2011

25.DEZ.2011 – Hangar acoustic in Bebedouro/SP

Date: 13/01/2012
Time: 22h00
Venue: Kaza Music Bar
Av. Hércules Pereira Hortal, 800, Centro, Cep. 14701-200
Tickets: R$ 20,00

23.DEZ.2011 – Hangar confirmed at Metal Open Air 2012

23.DEZ.2011 – New photo gallery from the DVD recording in Ijuí/RS

Pictures by Charlei Haas. Click here to access the gallery.

21.DEZ.2011 – Christmas message!

End of year again! Amazing how fast 2011 came to an end and how it was good for the band. We’re almost ending “The Infallible Tour 2010-2011”, which still has some dates in 2012… The numbers are quite impressive: more than 70,000 km on the run, 128 events (electric shows, acoustic and workshops), recording the first acoustic album from a metal band in Brazil, 3 video clips (one still unpublished) and to finish on a top, a recorded acoustic DVD to celebrate 15 years of the band in 2012.

We want to thank all the people who were at the Teatro do SESC in Ijuí/RS, and participated in the most important moment of the band so far. We have begun to edit the DVD footage and we can guarantee that you all were very proud to be part of our history.

We also want to thank all the people who played with the band in the last two years: Daniel Fernandes, Rodrigo Carnevskis, Rodolfo Reset, Sebastião Telles, Lucas Tankão, Appolo Moreira, Bruno Lorenzen, Fábio Conceição and Humberto Sobrinho.

We wish you all a great holiday season, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Aquiles, Mello, Martinez, Laguna and Leite

18.DEZ.2011 – Hangar interview at Drum Channel Brasil

The band Hangar from the drummer Aquiles Priester, made a Workshow at November 26, 2011 in Sao Paulo releasing the already acclaimed new album “Acoustic, But Plugged In.” The event was sponsored by BEG – School of Music and Arts, and that day the band gave an interview to the Drum Channel Brasil, check below.



Tony MacAlpine 2012 European Tour dates have been announced! Tony will be performing a headline set featuring songs from his new solo album and a selection of his past classics – including a performance of the entire Edge Of Insanity album as part of the set.

Tony’s powerhouse band is:
Aquiles Priester – Drums (Hangar, Angra)
Bjorn Englen, Bass (Yngwie Malmsteen, Uli Jon Roth)
Nili Brosh – Guitar

More details on tickets and special VIP packages coming soon.

Tour dates and further info available here: http://www.tonymacalpine.com/


21.02.12 Moho Live – Manchester, UK
22.02.12 The Underworld – London, UK
24.02.12 Rock Temple – Kerkrade, The Netherlands
25.02.12 Het Bolwerk – Sneek, The Netherlands
26.02.12 Crystal – Berlin, Germany
27.02.12 Hirsch – Nürnberg, Germany
28.02.12 Luxor – Cologne, Germany
29.02.12 Matrix – Prague, Czech Republic
03.03.12 Randal – Bratislava, Slovakia
04.03.12 Club 202 – Budapest, Hungary
05.03.12 Silver Church – Bucharest, Romania
06.03.12 Sofia Live Club – Sofia, Bulgaria
07.03.12 Jolly Joker Balans – Istanbul, Turkey
08.03.12 Eight Ball – Thessaloníki, Greece
09.03.12 Kyttaro Live – Athens, Greece
11.03.12 Bloom Club – Mezzago, Italy
12.03.12 Galery – Pratteln, Switzerland
14.03.12 Razzmatazz3 – Barcelona, Spain
15.03.12 Ritmo & Compas – Madrid, Spain
16.03.12 Stereo – Murcia, Spain
17.03.12 Fanatic – Sevilla, Spain
18.03.12 El Infierno – Vigo, Spain
19.03.12 DOKA – San Sebastián, Spain
21.03.12 Divan du Monde – Paris, France (with special guest Patrick Rondat)

15.DEZ.2011 – Show today at Carlos Barbosa/RS

Carlos Barbosa/RS
Horário: 22hs
Local: Show Bar Carlos Barbosa
Endereço: Rua Júlio de Castilhos – 219, Bairro Centro
Venda de Merchandising Oficial da banda e sessão de autógrafos após o show
Realização: New Eagle Instrumentos Musicais
Ingressos antecipados na New Eagle Instrumentos Musicais e Instituto de Música
Rua Rio Branco51, Sala 11, Centro, Carlos Barbosa
1º lote R$ 20,00 – 2º lote R$ 25,00

06.DEZ.2011 – Hangar recording the first DVD of his career in Ijuí in Rio Grande do Sul!

Now it’s confirmed! The band will record in an acoustic format the first DVD of his career in the city of Ijuí/RS. “Could not be different, we’re a band from that region, so it seems very natural that our first DVD is recorded in Rio Grande do Sul,” says Aquiles Priester. The recording takes place at Teatro do SESC, where the band performed the second show of “The Infallible Tour” in April 2010 with sold out tickets. Now the band’s back releasing the acclaimed acoustic album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!” which is already considered one of the greatest albums of the year. “We are very proud to be the first metal band from Brazil to release an acoustic album and we are sure that the DVD will be a way of remembering this work forever! We’re counting with the presence of all our fans to show the world the strength of the metal community of Rio Grande do Sul!” concludes the drummer.

10/12 – Ijuí/RS – Recording the Acoustic DVD
Location: Teatro do SESC – Rua Crisanto Leite, 202
Doors: 20h30
Information and reservations: (55) 9153.8221 with Fábio
Tickets: First 100 tickets R$ 15,00 – After R$ 20,00
For sale at Cia da Música: (55 11) 3332.4015
Tours: Débora Reolly: (55 11) 9162 6211

06.DEZ.2011 – Aquiles Priester – New photo gallery added!

Pictures from the 5º Festival de Percussão de Tatuí by Alexandre Dimas. To browse click here!

06.DEZ.2011 – New T-shirt for sale at Die Hard store.

CLICK HERE to buy it!

05.DEZ.2011 – A Picture of a Lifetime – On Board Flight 666.

I always spoke about the importance of Iron Maiden in my musical life since first hearing “Caught Somewhere In Time” in 1986. Slowly my career developed and that kid, who collected and hung clippings of the band all over his bedroom and even kept them inside his wallet, grew up and became a professional musician. But Aquiles’ essence still remains the same. Recently I received my copy of the book “On Board Flight 666” by Iron Maiden and there are two pictures of none less than Nicko McBrain using Hangar’s T-shirt of the album “The Reason of Your Conviction”. I can’t even begin explaining what this means to my life! Even if I spent days writing and talking about the fact it still wouldn’t be enough. It may seem like something of little importance to some, but if you read my biography “Aquiles Octopus Priester – From Fan to Idol” I’m sure you’ll understand what this represents.

There are no words to thank you, Nicko, but rest assured that this means a lot in my life. I’d also like to thank photographer John McMutrie for the amazing job. On Hangar’s next trip that begins tomorrow, December 6th, I’ll use a different Iron Maiden T-shirt every day until I return on December 17th. It is a symbolic homage and a small one when compared to Nicko using a T-shirt of my band during an official publication of the band released worldwide, but for me it means much more than that.

Up the Irons!

Aquiles Priester

05.DEZ.2011 – Hangar for the first time at Volta Redonda/RJ, at #2 RockAço.

05/02/2012 – Volta Redonda/RJ
Venue: Aero Clube de Volta Redonda
Address: Avenida Mnistro Salgado Filho, 620 – Bairro Aero
Doors: 16h00
Infos: 55 (24) 8132-9983 Thiago Reis or 55 (24)-7811-5490 Sandrão
email: snsproducoes@gmail.com or @snsproducoes at twitter.

05.DEZ.2011 – Hangar at Jornal da Manhã [portuguese only]

02.DEZ.2011 – Christmas Ad about Hangar’s album Acoustic, but Plugged In!.

02.DEZ.2011 – Aquiles Priester – 10 years playing with Mapex around the world.

02.DEZ.2011 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in his personal drum kit.

The last classes of the year will be taught by Aquiles Priester on 19 and 20th December! Reserve your time now at the Fabiano Manhas Institute! Phone: 55 11 3975-0847

01.DEZ.2011 – New T-shirt

Available only with the band at Ijui/RS for the recording of the first DVD.

01.DEZ.2011 – Thank you Mazao!

You can be sure that your message has changed my day! Your text inspired me a lot. I have no words to thank you! I hope you get back what is giving me!
Best regards,
Aquiles Priester


What’s up Aquilles, how are you?
First let me congratulate you not only for the 10 years with the MAPEX, but throughout your extraordinary career. I read your book last week and I realized how your whole career went from a fan to an idol. Dude, listen to you instigate any drummer to improving. Your accuracy, speed, power, everything fits in perfect order and harmony. It may even seem a little bit “gay” (rs), but to hear you play in front of me moves me a lot and courages me to play and learn from everything you do. Your groove is violent, is surreal and shook the Auditório Mix Music Hall – EM&T. You dont know how much it means to me to have contact with you. I already have 31 years old, bearded, bald (lol) but when I see you playing, when you give me an autograph or take a picture sharing me a second of your attention, I feel myself like a boy seeing the idol up close and made me feel it all worthed. I started following you in Angra at Jo Soares show and at that time the band was releasing the CD Rebirth in 2001 and henceforth I never got tired of hearing you play, no matter where, no matter the band, because I learn every time I hear a little more. If you where inspired by Deen Castronovo’s drums and set up, I’m inspired by you both as a musician and as a person and my little tribute to you is to try to set up my drum kit like yours. Thanks for everything, thanks for your dedication to music and not let the fame change who you are. Thanks for the example of life, example of overcoming, persistence and love to music and for all you did to Brazilian music. You are number 1 and I’m proud to have you in the first place as the best drummer. Keep it up brother, you’ll go very far yet, I’m sure. May God keep blessing you and opening even more doors.

A big hug Aquiles Priester Octopus.

Your friend Mazao

25.NOV.2011 – Classes and workshops at Osório/RS

13/12 – Osório/RS – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Informações: Loja Roll Over Telefone (51) 3663-7252

14/12 – Osório/RS – Workshop Aquiles Priester
Participação Nando Mello
Local: Camara Municipal de Vereadores
Avenida Jorge Dariva,1211 – Centro
Horário: 20h30
Ingressos: R$ 5,00 em alimentos não perecíveis
Informações: Loja Roll Over –Telefone: (51) 3663-7252

23.NOV.2011 – Hangar live at Programa Show Livre



23.NOV.2011– September/October diary by Nando Mello!

Check it out clicking here!

22.NOV.2011 – Review from Aquiles Priester at Modern Drummer Festival 2011.

Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester hauled out the kind of monster kit that draws cheers all by itself,a kit that took hours to set up the day before. Priester didn’t come to mess around – his performance comprised one intense play-along track after another, including songs by his prog-metal bands Hangar and Freakeys. Every note was played with fierce intent, within imaginative orchestrations that reflected a clever musical mind. Just when you thought a beat was about as dense as it could get, you’d find Priester adding another layer of rhythm the next time around. Clarity is obviously a big part of the drummer’s aesthetic, and Priester sets his toms almost flat to help hit rimshots. (Backstage, we asked, “So you hit rimshots on the toms some of the time?” Aquiles’ reply: “Every time.”) His cymbals arsenal consisted of heavy, dark-sounding models that barked, clanged, pinged, and hissed their way into the show-goers’ heart. As Priester finished his high-intensity workout, he jumped up on his throne, tossed his sticks and yelled “You rule” to the roaring crowd.

22.NOV.2011 – Workshow in São Paulo.

21.NOV.2011 – Exclusive interview to Jovem Pan.

Hangar, one of the top names in Brazilian heavy metal, is in full disclosure of the already acclaimed album “Acoustic, But Plugged In!” newly released at Expomusic 2011. The musicians in the band visited the studios of Jovem Pan online to talk about the shows, change of vocalist, the fans, the pretensions to international tours and especially to send your message to the fans…

Check out the interview: http://jovempan.uol.com.br/videos/banda-apresenta-cd-acustico-e-fala-sobre-metal-nacional-62125,1,0 [portuguese only]

18.NOV.2011 – Check out the review about the new album, published in the Opiniao Jornal from ARARAS/SP.

The article is also available on the blog of columnist NANDO PIRES, where you can check out some of the songs that are part of the album “ACOUSTIC, BUT PLGGED IN!” http://www.nandopires.com.br/blog/?p=2020

18.NOV.2011 – Special workshop Aquiles Priester & Mapex 10 years together.

Special guests: Nando Mello e Eduardo Martinez

28/11 – EM&T Jabaquara – Escola de Música e Tecnologia.
Avenida Engenheiro George Corbisier, 100 – Jabaquara – São Paulo/SP
Entrada gratuita com 2 quilos de alimento não perecível.
Reservas pelo telefone: 11-5012-2777

15.NOV.2011 – DVD Modern Drummer Festival™ 2011 with Aquiles Priester available.



The Hudson Music team was on hand once again to capture all the action as the Modern Drummer Festival 2011 took place at Montclair State University in Montclair, New Jersey.

In a program packed with amazing performances and insightful educational segments, Gil Sharone (Stolen Babies/Dillinger Escape Plan) expands on concepts found in his Wicked Beats DVD, Trevor Lawrence Jr. (Herbie Hancock/Dr. Dre) performs in hip-hop and fusion styles (with guest percussionist Taku Hirano), jazz innovator Jeff “Tain” Watts presents an incredible set with his stellar quartet, prog/metal star Aquiles Priester performs a blistering set of songs from Hangar and Freakeys, and, finally, drum superstar Horacio “El Negro” Hernandez performs with The New World Order, an all-star world music group put together just for the festival.

In addition to the main show, also included are two enlightening master classes. Jazz legend John Riley (Vanguard Jazz Orchestra) demonstrates rhythms that can be heard from various polyrhythmic perspectives, while top country drummer Jim Riley (Rascal Flatts) demonstrates and discusses stylistic versatility and rudimental concepts.

An extensive printable PDF eBook is also included, containing transcriptions of nearly 50 detailed transcriptions of drum parts and educational ideas.

This video package presents not only a chance to relive the Modern Drummer Festival, but to study and learn the concepts presented by these great artists in depth and detail not possible just by attending the event.

10.NOV.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello at Heavy Nation Program.

This week the presenters Paula Baldassarri and Julio Feriato received at radio UOL studio the drummer Aquiles Priester and bassist Nando Mello.


The full interview will be available at Friday (11/11) at: 
http://www.radio.uol.com.br/#/programa/heavy-nation [portuguese only]

10.NOV.2011 – Metal Day in Sao Paulo.

We want to thank the great work done by SnowMan Produções on behalf of the brazilian metal scene. We are very proud to be part of the first edition of the Day of Metal Festival and we are sure it was a big step for our scene. We are honored to share the stage with great bands of our country and we are sure that after this event, our scene will never be the same.

Aquiles, Mello, Martinez, Fabio, André.

[Pic by Irisbel Mello ]

08.NOV.2011 – Modern Drummer Festival 2011 – Watch the exclusive trailer with some excerpts from Aquiles Priester.


07.NOV.2011 – Hangar at the Rock Post online magazine – Oct/Nov 2011

Click to read: [portuguese only]


04.NOV.2011 – Review of the album Acoustic, But Plugged In!.

Roadie Crew Magazine – November 2011
By Antonio Carlos Monteiro
Note 9.0

What happens if we take off the guitar’s distortion from a heavy metal band, guttural vocals and the heavy of the “kitchen”? Well, if the band is good at their job, nice melodies and harmonies abound. And that’s exactly what can be seen here in the first Hangar’s acoustic album. With the heavy and speed mitigated will reveal the details of the melodic repertoire, which shows a new facet of the quintet. Acoustic, but Plugged In! also brings a newness/surprise… the debut of new singer, André Leite. And it is always a risky venture for a group to make a change in this function, Hangar managed to do it with full success. Beside keyboardist Fábio Laguna, who runs most of the harmonies of the album with extreme talent, André is the highlight of the album. Showing features previously not existing in the band, enormous versatility and especially indisputable competence as an interpreter (and not just as a singer), André gave a new color to the songs plus a new masterpiece: Haunted by yous Ghosts. The production, again in charge of the drummer Aquiles Priester, managed to smooth the acoustic calls without sacrificing what a heavy metal music requires. It is now expected by the premiere of André Leite in an electric album.

04.NOV.2011 – Aquiles Priester, Fábio Laguna and André Leite talk about Hangar’s new album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!” at Stay Heavy metal show.

Interview at Expomusic 2011 by Vinícius Neves.
To watch, access:: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viWzHpNe26I

03.NOV.2011 – Dominating Bell In Black.

Nottwil/Switzerland – The renowned Swiss cymbal maker Paiste announces the introduction of the new 18″ 2002 Giga Bell Ride “Psychoctopus”.

Aquiles Priester belongs to the crème de la crème of Brazilian’s drummers scene. His clinics enthuse drummers around the world, and this year’s highlights were Aquiles’ appearances at Modern Drummer Festival and Montreal Drum Fest. In collaboration with him, Paiste created the 18″ 2002 Giga Bell Ride “Psychoctopus”, which enhances our line of artist inspired ride cymbals. Looking at the cymbal the almost 8” sized, hammered bell dominates the silhouette. The black coating contrasted by white 2002 printings and Aquiles’ remarkable mask logo complete the cymbal’s outstanding visual nature. The heavy weighted cymbal, made of established 2002 bronze, and hammered in style of a 2002 Heavy Ride impresses with a concise, dry and glassy clear ping sound. The overlarge cup bursts with power and produces a cutting, bell like sound, when played with the shoulder of the stick. Especially prog-metal drummers, who are performing almost as virtuous as Aquiles in his solos or with his band Hangar, benefit from the well-defined, quick and short as well as penetrating unique sound of the cymbal.

More informations: www.paiste.com

01.NOV.2011 – Aquiles Priester is invited to play with Tony MacAlpine.

Aquiles Priester was recently invited to play with guitar player Tony MacAlpine at the international Namm Show which will take place between the 19th and 22nd of January in Anaheim, California (USA).

Aquiles always appreciated Tony MacAlpine’s music and owns all of his albums. It was thanks to one of the guitar player’s records, the acclaimed “Maximum Security” that the drummer got to know his biggest influence, Deen Castronovo. Aquiles says, “Without doubt, this is the highlight of my career. Playing with Tony will be a very special moment in my musical life. This was my most secret dream and, to be honest, I never thought that it could become reality. I live in Brazil which is very distant from Pasadena, Los Angeles where MacAlpine lives and there are many excellent musicians physically much closer to him. I am very happy and flattered to have been chosen to play with one of my biggest influences”, he states.

According to him, “playing the songs that were recorded by great masters such as Deen Castronovo, Steve Smith, Atma Anur, Mike Terrana, Glen Sobel and, more recently, Virgil Donati and Marco Minnemann will be a great honor for me! I can hardly wait for the first rehearsal with Tony, Nili Brosh (guitar) and Bjorn Englen (bass).” Aquiles remembers that “in 2011 I fulfilled great dreams such as playing at the biggest drum festivals all over the world like the Montreal Drum Fest in Canada, Laguna Drum Fest in Mexico, La Rioja Drum Fest in Spain and also the Modern Drummer Festival USA which will be released in DVD world wide in November. Now all that is left is to thank all the fans for their unconditional support. This is not only my achievement, it is all of ours,” he concludes.

More informations: www.tonymacalpine.com

28.OUT.2011 – New photo gallery added.

See at the link below the pictures from Aquiles Priester at Paiste Drum Day at Sofia/Bulgary. Pics by Victor Alexandrov.


28.OUT.2011 – PsychOctopus Giga Bell Ride now also at the Playtech stores.

The Playtech network of stores is now also selling the new 2002 PsychOctopus Mega Bell Ride 18″… Buy now!

New Store Teodoro Sampaio
Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 727 – Pinheiros
Sao Paulo – SP
Phone: 55 11 3334-0005


28.OUT.2011 – Watch the official DVD trailer of the Modern Drummer Festival 2011.

Aquiles Priester attended to the Modern Drummer Festival 2011 and the first official trailer for the DVD is now available. The music used as background of the trailer is Freakeys, which is part of the eponymous album released in 2006. The music is by Fabio Laguna. The exclusive trailer with some excerpts from the presentation of Aquiles Priester is coming very soon.

Click the link below and watch the official trailer of the festival.


28.OUT.2011 – Show atIjuí

10/12 – Ijuí/RS – Show Hangar Acústico
Hangar lançando seu novo CD “Acoustic, But Plugged In!”
Local: Teatro do SESC – Rua Crisanto Leite, 202
Horário: 20h30
Informações: 55 9153 8221 com Fábio
Ingressos : Primeiro Lote R$ 15,00 – Segundo Lote R$ 20,00
A venda na Cia. da Música fone 55 3332 4015

26.OUT.2011 – Sisters make tattoo in tribute to Hangar.

Damaris Silveira and Pryscila Gianoti from Sao Bernardo do Campo/SP, did a great tribute to Hangar tattooing lyric from the song “Somelight to Find My Way” from the Infallible album released in 2009. The tattoo celebrates the friendship and good relationship between the sisters, who decided to share it with the band. The two sisters are well known by the band by attending concerts and pockets shows for a long time. Pryscila tattooed the phrase “I just want to make the memory to express myself” and Damaris “Oh God, just give me some light to find my way.”

We, the band Hangar thank you and wish more love and happiness among the sisters! We will never forget it!
Aquiles, Mello, Martinez, Laguna and André.

Check out the photos below!

26.OUT.2011 – New Infallible Tour dates announced

26/11 – São Paulo/SP – Workshow Hangar
Local: Casa de Cultura Salvador Ligabue
Horário: 18h00
Endereço: Largo da Matriz Nossa Senhora do Ó, 615
Bairro: Freguesia do Ó
Convites limitados! Reserve o seu agora!
Informações: Beg Arte e Cultura
Telefone: (11) 3977.0066
e-mail: beg-musica@ig.com.br
Site: www.beg-musica-artes.com.br

18/12 – Diadema/SP – Show Hangar no Beholder Fest
Local: Praça da Moça em Diadema/SP
Horário: A partir do meio dia
Entrada FRANCA

14/01/12 – Bebedouro/SP – Show Hangar e House of Bones
Local: Escola Espaço Livre
Horário: 22h00
Ingressos: R$ 20,00 (antecipado) e R$ 25,00 (na porta)
Pontos de Vendas: Casa Rádio, Arena Rock Shop, Rodrigo (17) 9708.6725
Venda de Merchandising Oficial da banda e sessão de autógrafos após o show

26.OUT.2011 – The albums that marked the bassist Nando Mello.


24.OUT.2011 – Nicko Mc Brain is wearing Hangar’s The Reason of your Conviction T-Shirt

Watch the Official Video from IMTV!

20.OUT.2011 – Hangar performs in the Day of Metal in Sao Paulo.

Big names in heavy metal will be together next Nov. 6th, at Carioca Club in Sao Paulo to support the union scene and the establishment of a day to appreciate the musical style in the country.

November 6th will happen one of the most expected events of the year, where known national names of heavy metal will be presenting for the first time together for the sake of unity and appreciation of the scene. The shows will be held in the Carioca Club in Sao Paulo. This first edition will be devoted to Power Metal and the big party with the participation of big names like: HANGAR, SHAMAN, ALMAH, WIZARD, NANDO FERNANDES, ILLUSTRIA and HIBRIA.

So if you are interested in the idea and will want to check it out this unique event, tickets will be available on site TicketBrasil



Date: 06/11/11
Venue: Carioca Club
Address: Rua Cardeal Arcoverde, 2899, Pinheiros, São Paulo
Doors: 15:00
Tickets: http://ticketbrasi.lojatemporaria.com/dia-do-metal-carioca-club
Telephone contact and questions: 11-7619-5873

18.OUT.2011 – Paiste releases Aquiles Priester’s ride cymbal in the Brazilian market

Aquiles Priester is the first drummer in the history of Brazilian music to have a signature cymbal released by the Swiss company Paiste. This is the 2002 Giga Bell Ride 18″. Aquiles is endorsing the brand since 2002 and tested several prototypes until the final cymbal that is being released on the market this month. You can check the sound of the cymbal in the latest Aquiles Priester’s DVD, the world award-winning by U.S. magazine Modern Drummer, the Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming, who came in 3rd place as the best instructional DVD in 2011. Take advantage of Batera Club website’s conditions and guarantee yours right away!

Access the link: http://www.bateraclube.com.br/loja/product_info.php?products_id=3685

14.OUT.2011 – Aquiles Priester will perform at Montreal Drum Fest 2011


14.OUT.2011 – Aquiles Priester Clinics in Czech Republic and Poland

Aquiles Priester will be performing for a very first time drum clinics in Czech Republic and Bulgaria. Check the dates and the posters below.

16.10. CZ-Ostrava, Club Barrak, 19.00 h
17.10. CZ-Brno, Audiotek, 18.00 h
18.10. CZ-Praha, Music City, 18.00 h
20.10. BG-Sofia, Sofia Live Club, 19.30 h

14.OUT.2011 – Aquiles Priester, Tommy Aldridge and Dave Lombardo perform at Polish Drum Fest

Poland’s biggest drum festival “Miedzynarodowy Festiwal Perkusyjny” is honored to present Paiste artists Tommy Aldridge, Dave Lombardo and Aquiles Priester. The festival takes place from October 13th to 31st in several cities. Tommy Aldridge is conducting his clinic in Opole on October 16th and he is also performing with Polish band Bracia in Opole on 17th and Wroclaw on the 20th. Dave Lombardo’s clinic is schedules in Wroclaw on the afternoon of October 17th. He will also be performing two concerts with his side project Philm; one in Opole on the 17th and the second in Wroclaw on the 18th.

Brazil’s # 1 metal drummer Aquiles Priester’s solo performance takes place in Music Republic Museum of Bytom on October 15th.



11.OUT.2011 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester at Instituto de Música e Pesquisa Fabiano Manhas.

In October on 27th and 28th and November on 23th and 24th.
Check your lesson now! 55 11 3975-0847

11.OUT.2011 – Aquiles Priester  participates in the 5th Encontro Internacional de Percussão do Conservatório de Tatuí.

The Encontro Internacional de Percussão is a biennial event, which includes the series of international meetings of the Conservatory of Tatuí and meets educational and artistic activities with the objective to provide integration between symphonic percussion students and professionals. The event includes workshops, master classes, recitals and concerts for a period of five days. Classes are taught by prominent experts in the artistic and / or academic national or international. Concerts and recitals are open to anyone interested.

Changuito (Cuba)
Manoel Rangel (Venezuela),
Aquiles Priester (São Paulo/Brasil)
Heri Brandino (São Paulo/Brasil)
Gilmar Goulart (Rio Grande do Sul/Brasil)
Rusty Burge (USA)

Drumming Duo (Portugal)
Dua Paticumpá (Minas Gerais)
Grupo Percumpá (Rio Grande do Norte)
Grupo Piap (São Paulo)
Grupo de Percussão da UFMG (Minas Gerais)
Grupo de Percussão do Conservatório de Tatuí.

11.OUT.2011 – Hangar at Correio de Uberlândia journal.

10.OUT.2011 – Check out early reviews of the album “Acoutic, But Plugged In” on the Internet.

WHIPLASH: http://www.whiplash.net/materias/cds/139627-hangar.html
ROAD TO METAL: http://roadtometal.blogspot.com/2011/10/acima-de-tudo-musicalidade-hangar.html

06.OUT.2011 – Hangar at Carlos Barbosa/RS for the first time!

15/12 – Carlos Barbosa/RS – Show Hangar
Local: Show Bar Carlos Barbosa
Endereço: Rua Júlio de Castilhos – 219, Bairro Centro
Horário: 22h00
Abertura da casa: 20h00
Venda de Merchandising Oficial da banda e sessão de autógrafos após o show
Realização: New Eagle Instrumentos Musicais
Ingressos antecipados na New Eagle Instrumentos Musicais e Instituto de Música
Rua Rio Branco51, Sala 11, Centro, Carlos Barbosa
1º lote R$ 20,00 – 2º lote R$ 25,00

04.OUT.2011 – See the photos of Aquiles Priester at the Laguna Drum Fest 2011

Thank you guys from Torreon in Mexico! Laguna Drum Fest was awesome and I’m very surprised by the public’s sympathy and enthusiasm!

I hope to return soon with HANGAR!
Muchas Gracias e suerte siempre!

Aquiles Priester


See video recorded by Aquiles Priester on stage: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nK4wdH4whK8

01.OUT.2011 – Services from shows at Uberlândia/MG and Araraquara/SP

07/10 – Uberlândia/MG – Show Hangar Acústico
Hangar lançando seu novo CD “Acoustic, But Plugged In”
Local: Rock`n Beer Irish Pub – Av. Floriano Peixoto, 18
Horário: 23h00
Informações: www.rocknbeer.com.br
Ingressos antecipados R$ 20,00
Página do evento: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=169291829823770

08/10 – Araraquara/SP – Show Hangar
Hangar no 10° Araraquara Rock
Local: Teatro de Arena “Prefeito Benedito de Oliveira”
Endereço: Avenida Adhemar Pereira de Barros -S/N
Informações: www.araraquararock.com.br/
Apoio e realização:
Prefeitura Municipal de Araraquara
Secretaria Municipal de Cultura
FUNDART (Fundação de Arte e Cultura do Município).
Entrada 1Kg de alimento não perecível.

28.SET.2011 – Aquiles Priester will be performing at Laguna Drum Fest 2011 – Mexico

27.SET.2011 – Batuka! Brasil and Aquiles Priester at cover of Brazilian Modern Drummer – September/2011

Aquiles is on the cover of brazilian Modern Drummer with the Batuka! Brasil Drum Festival. The Drum Festival took place from July 30 to July 31 at the Auditorio Ibirapuera in Sao Paulo. This 13th iteration of festival was a celebration of diversity: not only were there artists from numerous countries participating, but the universality of musical language was represented by a rich tapestry of styles and genres, including Samba, Heavy Metal, Afro-Cuban, Condambe, Pop/Rock, to name but a few.

More informations: http://www.batukabrasil.com/BatukaIndice/batuka_index.htm

27.SET.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Gibraltar

The Drum Channel Brazil spoke with Leo Gorgatti and Aquiles Priester at Expomusic 2011. Aquiles showed his “generous” Gibraltar rack at Musical Express.


17.SET.2011 – Hangar at Expomusic 2011

Follow us at Expomusic 2011 during the official launch of the new album “Acoustic, but Plugged In!” All the band’s official merchandising will be on sale at the Lady Snake Store booth.

23/09 – Friday
19:00 to 20:00 (Autographs Aquiles Priester – Habro Music)
20:00 to 21:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – Harman)

24/09 – Saturday
13:00 to 14:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – AMI)
14:00 to 15:00 (Musical Express – Performance Mello and Martinez)
15:00 to 16:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – Harman)
16:00 to 17:00 (Autographs Hangar – Lady Snake)
18:00 to 19:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – Royal Music)
19:00 to 20:00 (Autographs Hangar – Musical Express)
20:00 to 21:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – Harman)

25/09 – Sunday
13:00 to 14:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – Harman)
14:00 to 15:00 (Autographs Hangar – Lady Snake)
15:00 to 16:00 (Acoustic Live Hangar – AMI)
16:00 to 17:00 (Autographs Aquiles Priester – Habro Music)
17:00 to 18:00 (Autographs Hangar – Musical Express)

10.SET.2011 – Hangar – Official Communication

All of the decisions we take in life always bring some kind of consequence and this is something that everyone, independent of their profession, has already experienced. At the end of May this year, during our “The Infallible Tour”, we decided to record our new acoustic album since we’d been doing this kind of show around Brazil for a long time. In other words, even before running out of possibilities with the “Infallible” album, we already planned maintaining the band active for some more time before beginning the recording of a new album and definitely ending this tour.

This meant not going home for an undetermined time and staying on the road in touch with our fans doing gigs, clinics and workshops. All of those who have already attended a Hangar gig know that we love being on stage and feel very much at ease playing live. However, our lead singer Humberto Sobrinho would not be able to accompany us on this new journey for personal reasons that all members of Hangar know and respect. These problems are so serious that he had to abandon our acoustic project in the middle of the recordings to try and solve them in Manaus where he lives.

And as every decision generates a new situation, we now have a new member in Hangar to substitute Humberto: we are proud and satisfied to present André Leite, whom you can get to know through our MySpace, where you can get a small taste of our new album “Acoustic, But Plugged In!”, and also watch the clip of our song “Haunted By Your Ghosts”.

We carry on welcoming André Leite and wishing our good and eternal friend Humberto Sobrinho health, peace and prosperity.

Myspace link:

Link for the clip of the song “Haunted by your Ghosts”:

Link for the Making Of of the clip “Haunted by your Ghosts”:

Lyrics for the song “Haunted by your Ghosts”:
Download here

Making Of Promo Shoot: 

Below is a transcript of Humberto’s official communication about his departure of the band.

Aquiles, Mello, Fábio e Martinez.

“Hi everyone,

It is with great sadness that I write these words because I love being near you doing what I do best in life.
However, I have to step back at the moment to take care of personal matters that are beyond dispute and extremely important to me.
I’d like to thank all of those who have been present in my musical life from the bottom of my heart and I´d like everyone to keep on supporting the band as they always did.
Thank you very much for everything.

Humberto Sobrinho”

10.SET.2011 – Hangar – Acoustic, But Plugged In!

André Leite (vocals)
Eduardo Martinez (guitar)
Fábio Laguna (keyboards)
Nando Mello (bass)
Aquiles Priester (drums)

A lot has been said about what kind of rock music is suitable for acoustic versions. The answer is simple: any kind. If it turns out to be good or not, depends exclusively on the competence of the musician(s) playing. It is that simple.

Having said that, I guess I don’t even have to say that the very competent musicians of Hangar took their songs, normally brimming with weight and speed, and did a fantastic job on their first acoustic album, Acoustic, But Plugged In! Actually, the band had been performing various acoustic gigs throughout the country and the release of such an album was a natural consequence for the band.

However, before beginning the recordings, a problem arose: vocalist Humberto Sobrinho had to leave the band due to personal problems. As luck always smiles down on those who deserve it, Hangar found in André Leite the right person to take over the role: his clear and brilliant timbre proved to be versatile enough to reproduce themes recorded by no less than three different singers. Besides, at moments in which the vocals, even on an acoustic album, demand a lot from a heavy metal singer, it is clear that André is the right musician for the role.

Once this matter was solved and the repertoire chosen, the new arrangements forged by the band ended up being the aspect that stood out the most on the album. After all, the themes gained the mellowness that acoustic interpretation demands, but maintained a good dose of their original heaviness. Furthermore, there was an immense valorization of Hangar’s beautiful melodies, something the adrenaline of heavy metal doesn’t always allow to totally shine through. The repertoire, hand picked by the band, brings tracks of their four studio albums besides an unpublished track, “Haunted By Your Ghosts”.

As to the cover and pullout, conceived by Aquiles and produced by designer Vanessa Döi, they are a unique feature for masterfully blending the softness of acoustic with the weight of metal.

Produced by drummer Aquiles Priester (who is proving to be a master in the role), co-produced and mixed by Theo Vieira and mastered by Heros Trench (Mr. Som), Acoustic, But Plugged In! was recorded and mixed at FX studio in São Paulo (SP). The album will be released by the label Making Of at the next Expomusic Music Fair which will take place from September 21st through 25th in São Paulo.

And despite the arrangements for the release of Acoustic, But Plugged In!, Hangar is still on the road, doing what they do best: gigs brimming with energy and talent, be they acoustic or plugged in.

Antonio Carlos Monteiro

Track List Acoustic, but plugged in! – Hangar 2011

One More Chance – 4:45
Solitary Mind – 4:44
Haunted by your Ghosts – 4:25
Based on a True Story – 5:13
Infallible Emperor (1956) – 5:34
Angel of the Stereo – 3:51
Your Skin and Bones -3:36
The Reason of your Conviction – 3:46
Time to Forget – 4:05
Call me in the Name of Death – 4:32
To Tame a Land – 4:36
Dreaming of Black Waves – 3:49
Colorblind – 4:08
Forgive the Pain – 5:40
Inside your Soul – 5:34

08.SET.2011 – Aquiles Priester – Photos and videos from La Rioja Drumming Festival – Spain

Check in the links below:

Pictures: http://aquilespriester.com/ingt/fot.html
Video 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TEjx6MiAAIw
Video 2 (interview): http://www.larioja.com/videos/tvr/actualidad-riojana/1143689237001-drumming-festival.html

26.AGO.2011 – For the first time at Santa Rosa in Rio Grande do Sul.

14/09 – Santa Rosa/RS
Local: Centro Cívico e Cultural Antonio Carlos Borges
Horário: 19:30
Ingressos antecipados R$ 20,00 na Guaíra FM, Recital e A Musical
Informações: (55) 8117-9813

25.AGO.2011 – Aquiles Priester participates of Laguna Drum Fest in Mexico.

Watch the promo video clicking below:

25.AGO.2011 – Hangar for the first time at Sao Borja in Rio Grande do Sul.

17/09 – São Borja/RS
Local: Clube Recreativo Samborjense (CRS)
Rua General Marques, 215
Horário: 22h00
Ingressos antecipados na Let’s Rock por R$15,00
Rua Félix da Cunha, 115
Informações: (55) 3431.7425

19.AGO.2011 – Hangar holds first workshop in the city of Novo Hamburgo/RS

20/09 – Novo Hamburgo/RS
Local: Centro de Cultura – Novo Hamburgo
Horário: 18h00
Ingressos antecipado na loja Toda Música
R$ 20,00 e na hora: R$ 25,00
Informações: Loja Toda Música (51) 3066.1151

12.AGO.2011 – Aquiles Priester – New photo galleries added!

To access the new gallery with photos of the Modern Drummer Festival USA (photos by Tim Shahady) and Batuka! Brazil in Sao Paulo (photos by Ale Frata) click here!

11.AGO.2011 – Eduardo Martinez at new D’addario campaign

11.AGO.2011 – July diary by Nando Mello!

Check it out clicking here!

05.AGO.2011 – Aquiles Priester is interviewed by Batteur Magazine from France.

Click to enlarge [french only].


03.AGO.2011 – Private lessons with Aquiles Priester in Curitiba/PR and Sao Sebastiao do Paraiso/MG.

Secure your place now!

19/08 – Curitiba/PR – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: Escola Drum Time
Endereço: Rua Des Westphalen, 1224 – Rebouças
Informações: (41) 3322-5462
Ônibus: Estação Tubo Getúlio Vargas

29/08 – São Sebastião do Paraíso/MG – Aulas particulares com Aquiles Priester
Local: Instituto Felling
Endereço: Rua Pimenta de Pádua, 1418 – Centro.
Informações: (35) 3531.6712

01.AGO.2011 – Fabio Laguna – workshop in his hometown.

GS Productions, in partnership with the Municipality of Mococa / SP, will hold a workshop keyboard with Fabio Laguna. The event will be in the Sala Multimídia da Casa de Cultura, which was reopened recently, taking the name of fellow comedian Rogério Cardoso.

07/08 – Mococa/SP – Workshop Fábio Laguna
Local: Casa da Cultura “Rogério Cardoso”
Horário: 20h00
Ingressos antecipados e informações: (19) 9218-7635
Realização: GS Produções

28.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello in Rio Negrinho/SC for the first time.

On September 21, Aquiles Priester and Nando Mello will be in Rio Negrinho/SC for the first time to perform a Workshow. All the band’s official merchandising will be on sale. The workshop is sponsored by ZR Entertainment.

21/09 – Rio Negrinho/RS – Workshop Aquiles Priester + Nando Mello
Local: Sociedade Musical Rio Negrinho
Horário: 20h00
Ingressos antecipados: Loja Mundo Rock, Locadora Hollywood, Chaveiro Willian Bachmann
Informações: (47) 9182.5126 – (47) 9132.8720
Realização: ZR Entertainment

26.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester – Workshop in Honduras and El Salvador

Honduras – Click to enlarge

El Salvador – Click to enlarge

24.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester at Batuka! International Drum Fest 2011

Check the promo video regarding the 13th edition of the fest!


Click to enlarge

Hi guys! You can’t miss the  Batuka! International Drum Fest 2011! It’s nextweekend July 30 and 31. See the full schedule on the sitewww.batukabrasil.com

You have no idea of the structure of the festival and how wonderful the soundand light of the Ibirapuera Auditorium. We will honor the greatest event inLatin America for drummers, which is already recognized as one of the world’s most important!

Big hug and hope to see you all there!

Aquiles Priester

24.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Vera Figueiredo performing at La Rioja Drum Fest in Spain

The Brazilian Drummers Aquiles Priester and Vera Figueiredo will perform at La Rioja Drum Festival in Spain, September, 3rd and 4th 2011.

24.JUL.2011 – CD Inside your Soul is relaunched

The album Inside your Soul which was released by the Hangar in 2001, isavailable again. The relaunch has three songs never officially released by the band, Legions of Fate (demo version 2000), Savior (demo version 2000) andForever Will Be (demo version 2002). All bonus tracks were recorded by former lead singer Michael Polchowicz, and the song Foverer Will Be was the first version of Your Skin and Bones, which in 2007 entered the track listing of the album The Reason of Your Conviction.

Buy now via www.diehard.com.br or by the link:

14.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester biography updated!

To read click here!

14.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester is awarded!

Click to enlarge [portuguese only]

07.JUL.2011 – Aquiles Priester participates in  Batuka Brazil 2011

Tickets for the Batuka! Brazil are already on sale at the Ibirapuera Auditoriumbox office or through the reservation facilitated byreservas@auditorioibirapuera.com.br

The Modern Drummer Brazil magazine subscribers pay half-price.

See the full schedule by clicking here:www.batukabrasil.com

See you there!

07.JUL.2011 – Snake Lady creates exclusive line of clothing for Hangar andTorture Squad!

Click to enlarge:

05.JUL.2011 – Homenage rendered to Aquiles Priester

Welcome once again to the MD Readers Poll, where the greatest drummers on the planet are honored by the most educated drum fans around. Homenage rendered to Aquiles Priester by his endorser Batera Store for being elected in the most important drummer ranking of the world!


29.JUN.2011 – Autograph session with Hangar in Goiania

Hangar will be next Friday, 01 July, at Musical Harmony store for an exclusive autograph session at 05:00pm.

All the band’s official merchandising will be on sale during the event.

25.JUN.2011 – Happy Birthday Aquiles Priester

Forty years ago was born in Otjo, South Africa Aquiles Priester.
If you do not know the story of a musician who has gained more and more space for the musicians of Brazil in the world, it is worth you read the official biography of the drummer. Below is the text on the back cover of the official biography Aquiles “Octopus” Priester, written by renowned writer Roberto Shinyashiki.

Congratulations Aquiles, and thank you for raising and show the level of Brazilian music in the world!

————————————————– ——

“You see the shots that I take, but do not see the bumps that I take.”

This phrase reflects the man inside the lives of great musicians.

When the crowd applauds wildly a show, do not realize how much I had to battle for each of the musicians get where they arrived. Of course there are exceptions for some pretty popular singers who are blessed with success, but did not receive the gift of determination… They rise with the success of the first song and die of exhaustion before the second… But the real musicians know that the spice of soul music is made of hard work, so much of tears and sweat. Sleepless nights waiting for a desired response, frustration and joy of many “nos” in order to fulfill its vocation.

The life story of Aquiles Priester is inspiring… Not only for musicians but for all people who have a dream and a willingness to do it. From a difficult childhood and adolescence, going through all the hardships of the first dances in the interior of Parana, through all the pitfalls of show business, he is an example of courage and determination. His pleasure in playing contaminates everything with joy. A celebration of great victories and a great soul to leave behind what does not deserve to be charged are his trademarks.

This book will lead you to travel the world of your dreams through the story of an idol of our music. Applauded in Angra, Hangar, in the company of revered rock icons, Aquiles has the courage to open your heart and invite you to experience the world of a boy who could realize their dreams.

The trip is worth it… “De fã a ídolo” will show that everything is possible when you have a big heart.

Best wishes,

Roberto Shinyashiki


23.JUN.2011 – Aquiles Priester’s Inside my PsychoBook is released worldwide.

The book with exercises for double bass Inside my PsychoBook – 100 Double Bass Patterns is released worldwide by the American company Mel Bay Publishing Inc. In this new edition was added a testimony of Thomas Lang on the book by the famous Brazilian drummer.

Below is the testimony of Thomas Lang and Kiko Freitas:

See the links of the book Inside my PsychoBook – Double Bass Patterns 100 and the DVD of my Infallible Reason Freak Drumming in the Mel Bay site:

22.JUN.2011 – Workshop with Nando Mello – Uberlândia/MG

06/28 – Uberlândia/MG
Local: Conservatório Estadual de Música Cora Pavan Capparelli
Horário: 19:00
Ingressos: Livre
Apoio Sonic Instrumentos

07.JUN.2011 – The first Brazilian Drummer featuring in the most important drummer ranking in the world: Modern Drummer 2011 Readers Poll Winners.

Welcome once again to the MD Readers Poll, where the greatest drummers on the planet are honored by the most educated drum fans around. Let’s get right to it: the envelope, please…



08.MAI.2011 – Eduardo Martinez talks about Jackson Guitars (only portuguese)

See more informations in site: http://www.pridemusic.com.br/blog/?p=311

02.MAI.2011 – New models of T-shirts on the band’s official merchandising page

Click at the images to enlarge

28.ABR.2011 – Exclusive release of t-shirts and shorts.

Ask for your model directly with the band via email contact@hangar.mus.br

Click at the images to enlarge

22.ABR.2011 – Aquiles Priester at Modern Drummer Festival in USA

Brazilian drummer Aquiles Priester is among the most fascinating and talked-about extreme metal musicians on the planet. Priester first came to prominence with the heavy metal band Hangar, with which he’s recorded several albums. In 2001 he joined Angra, the most popular melodic metal group in Brazil. His appearance on the band’s albums Rebirth (2001), Hunters And Prey (2002), Live In São Paulo (2002), Temple Of Shadows (2004), and Aurora Consurgens (2006) resulted in many poll wins for the drummer, and his reputation began to spread internationally.

Beyond his blinding performances on record and on stage, Priester has been very visible in conducting drum clinics at home in Brazil, as well as in Europe and Asia. In 2004 he released his first instructional DVD, Inside My Drums, and in 2006 founded the instrumental rock band Freakeys. He’s also penned an instructional book focusing on his advanced double bass technique, Inside My PsychoBook: 100 Double Bass Patterns, and produced a second DVD, The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming. Aquiles was featured in the November 2010 issue of Modern Drummer. This is his first MD Fest appearance.


26.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester will attend the event “Performance is Everything Party.” 

Aquiles Priester is going to play at “Performance is Everything Party” in Frankfurt, Germany, during the MusikMesse Fair 2011. The event is hosted by Mapex. Vera Figueiredo is going to play as well.

Read the complete news below:


Since its inception in 2007, the bi-annual “Performance Is Everything” Party hosted by Mapex has become an unmissable highlight of Musikmesse. Building on the success of previous years, PIE Party 2011 boasts an unrivalled diversity of artists – each of whom represents the cream of modern drumming – performing at this exciting event, a dazzling showcase which transcends genre and style. Come and indulge your shared passion for drums and music; leave with an unforgettable beat that resonates long after the show has ended. To Mapex, Performance Is Everything.

The Performers (in order of appearance)

Aquiles Priester

A titan of the progressive metal scene, Aquiles’s blistering double bass virtuosity and high-octane licks have powered the blockbusting anthems of Hangar and Angra, among other projects (including his solo DVD The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming, released during Winter NAMM 2011 to universal acclaim). In 2010, Modern Drummers readers poll nominated Aquiles in two categories: Best Educational DVD (for The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming), and Best Progressive Metal Drummer (alongside other luminaries such as Mike Portnoy and Neil Peart). Earlier this year Aquiles celebrated his 10th consecutive year of being elected Best Brazilian Heavy Metal Drummer by the readers of Roadie Crew magazine. Aquiles will make his debut on the main stage of the prestigious Modern Drummer Festival on May 21st in New Jersey.

To know more about Aquiles Priester, please go to

Claus Hessler

A clinician and educator of global repute, Claus is widely acknowledged to be the legitimate successor to the legendary Jim Chapin. An ardent advocate of open-handed playing and the creative freedom that follows from adopting this approach, Claus authored Open Handed Playing Vol I in collaboration with Dom Famularo (foreword by Billy Cobham), with the second volume slated for release in spring 2011. His playing is characterized by jaw-dropping ambidexterity, independence, and multi-layered ostinato patterns.

To know more about Claus Hessler, please go to

Vera Figueiredo

The reigning queen of modern samba, Vera has enchanted and captivated audiences with her command of her native Brazilian rhythmic idioms: her playalong instructional book and double CD package Vera Cruz Island – Brazilian Rhythms For Drumset (based on her album Vera Cruz Island, co-written by Daniel Oliveira, and published by Hudson Music) is a masterful treatise on applying these to the drumset. Impassioned, infectious grooves delivered with flair are established traits of this artist, evoking beautiful landscapes and the lush rainforests of her homeland.

To know more about Vera Figueiredo, please go to http://www.verafigueiredo.com.br/

Thomas Heinz

This talented young winner of Drummer Of Tomorrow 2008 is rapidly emerging as a rising star, and is gradually being recognized as being one of the most distinctive voices of the next generation of drumming talent: fresh, dynamic, and full of personality.

Damien Schmitt

Upon being introduced, jazz and fusion legend Jean Luc Ponty hired Damien on the spot after witnessing the drummer’s impressive technique, feel, and creativity. In addition to his regular touring and recording schedule, Damien’s unorthodox and boundless musical imagination has led to him being in constant demand for clinics and festival appearances, both as a solo and ensemble player.

24.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester participate in book signing at the booth of Paiste Musik Messe. 

To see the full news click here:

24.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester video in the history of Paiste.

The DVD The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming is disclosed in official video that tells the story of Paiste.

To see the video click the link: http://www.rogstalkindrumz.com

24.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester participates in Paiste signing session at Musik Messe.


18.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Vera Figueiredo touch the Musik Messe 2011 in an event of Mapex International.


17.MAR.2011 – Aquiles Priester is honored on the international site Paiste.

Aquiles Priester was elected for 10 consecutive years the best heavy metal drummer from Brazil and receives tribute at the official site of the cymbals Paiste.

To see the news, click the link below:

16.MAR.2011 – Hangar Day Pics 

See pics of Hangar Day, click here!

13.MAR.2011 – The Best of 2010 for the readers of Roadie Crew Magazine.

Aquiles Priester has being elected for 10 years in the row as a best heavy metal drummer in the readers poll of Roadie Crew Magazine. Fábio Laguna is elected the best keyboard player of 2010 as well and he go the biggest percentage of all the votation! Check this out!

6° – Hangar

6° – Humberto Sobrinho

10° – Eduardo Martinez

8° – Nando Mello

1° – Aquiles Priester

1° – Fábio Laguna

National Show (Brazil)
5° – Hangar

01.MAR.2011 – Infallible – Special Limited Edition 

Click to enlarge 

Infallible – Special Limited Edition

Humberto Sobrinho – vocals
Eduardo Martinez – guitar
Fábio Laguna – keyboard
Nando Mello – bass
Aquiles Priester – drums and percussion

The album Infallible, released by Hangar in 2009, became a great success among both the public and the critics due to the quality of the work developed by the band, who has been promoting the album by means of “The Infallible Tour” since the beginning of 2010.

And now the perfectionism and diligence that the musicians have invested in this album are once again available to the public in an extended version: a new edition of Infallible hits the stores accompanied by a DVD that contains vast and assorted material such as the video clip recorded by the band for the track “Dreaming of Black Waves” and its making of, plus videos of the first gigs of “The Infallible Tour”, interviews with the band members, the making of the album recordings and a photo gallery.

Furthermore, the audio CD includes a bonus track, “Like a Wind in the Sky”, that had only been released in Japan.

This all comes to prove that Infallible is a dead-on, direct, varied and competent album as defined by both fans and critics.

Antonio Carlos Monteiro
Journalist and music critic

12.FEV.2011 – Aquiles Priester new T-shirts 2011

12.FEV.2011 – De Fã a Ídolo na Livraria Cultura

Desde o dia 9 de fevereiro, o livro Aquiles Polvo Priester – De Fã a Ídolo, está disponível no site da Livraria Cultura. Se você ainda não tem o seu livro, compre agora mesmo pelo link abaixo:


“Este livro vai fazer você viajar pelo mundo dos seus sonhos através da história de um ídolo da nossa música… Aquiles tem a coragem de abrir seu coração e convidar você para conhecer o mundo de um garoto que conseguiu realizar os seus sonhos…”
Roberto Shinyashiki

08.FEV.2011 – Modern Drummer Festival 2011 

Enjoy some of the highlights of this year’s Winter NAMM.

04.FEV.2011 – Photo gallery of the Paiste Namm Show 2011.

Aquiles Priester, Eloy Casagrande and many other artists are in the Namm Show 2011.
Click the link below and see a little of what happened at the Paiste booth:

29.JAN.2011 – Hangar is featured in the blog of the newspaper “O Estadão” [only portuguese]

In a country with little traditional rocker, and even less in heavy metal bands need to turn around if they want to happen. That is why the Hangar “invented” the workshow to circumvent the lack of support and even the public. Read the full article at the link below.

O Estadão article

29.JAN.2011 – Eduardo Martinez in the newspaper A Notícia and in the Guia São Luiz

Passing of Eduardo Martinez by São Luiz Gonzaga is news on the back and on the website of the newspaper A Notícia and in the Guia São Luiz.

Matéria no Guia São Luiz

Matéria no A Notícia

28.JAN.2011 – Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande – Having fun in Hollywood and Paiste Day at MI – Los Angeles 

From January 13th to January 20th, Eloy and I were in the USA to take part of the Namm Show and Paiste Day that were held at the renowned Musicians Institute in Los Angeles. The event itself was sensational and besides demonstrating new cymbals and a raffle of two Paiste prototypes, Eloy and I did a workshop. Together we played the final solo which lasted almost 9 minutes. We received a standing ovation and also counted with the more than distinguished presence of Thomas Lang with whom we had had lunch the previous day and had also spent the afternoon at his home studio where we had a great time.

Besides Eloy and I, Rodrigo of Urban Boards was also present. He is currently developing a signature sneaker for Thomas. I can state that besides being one of the most awesome drummers in the history of music, Thomas has a great heart and is an excellent person. Thank you very much for the great moments we had together, Thomas. The previous week we attended the Namm Show – you can check out some pictures on our site – and we also had the opportunity to do some sightseeing plus two days rehearsing at SIR Rental Studio in LA where the guys from Maroon 5 were also rehearsing. We spent little over a week away from Brazil and had a great time.

Special thanks to all of Paiste, Mapex, Gibraltar, DW Pedals, Pro-Mark, Evans, LP and Musicians Institute.

Click at the images to enlarge

Aquiles Priester at Amoeba Music in L.A Aquiles Priester, Eloy Casagrande, Wayne Wilburn & Alex Gonzalex Eloy Casagrande, Thomas Lang & Aquiles Priester Rodrigo de Castilhos & Thomas Lang
SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 1 SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 2 SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 3 SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 4
SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 5 SIR Studio Instrument Rentals 6 Thomas Lang & Aquiles Priester 1 Thomas Lang & Aquiles Priester 2
Thomas Lang & Aquiles Priester sharing a joke Thomas Lang & Eloy Casagrande Thomas Lang & Elóy Casagrande

Aquiles Priester & Eloy Casagrande – Paiste Day

Photos by Tim Shahady – Paiste USA

Click at the images to enlarge

Aquiles Priester & Thomas Lang after the clinic at MI Aquiles Priester, Thomas Lang, Ed Clift & Eloy Casagrande after the clinic at MI Paiste Day 1 Paiste Day 2
Paiste Day 3 Paiste Day 5 Paiste Day 6 Paiste Day 7

25.JAN.2011 – The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming is already available at Mel Bay Publications EUA.

The Infallible Reason of my Freak Drumming, the new Aquiles Priester’s DVD, is already available at Mel Bay Publications website.

Now it’s very easy to get your copy!!! Check this out:


24.JAN.2011 – Exclusive interview with Nando Mello to blog Road to Metal. [only portuguese]

Nando Mello, “Infallible Bass” from Hangar band: Nothing better than the first month of the year begin with an interview so nice, talking about serious things, but very relaxing, reflecting how well the Band Hangar…

click the link below to read the interview

20.JAN.2011 – Aquiles Priester at Namm Show 2011

Check this out!!! Some pictures from Namm Show 2011.

Click at the images to enlarge

Aquiles Priester and NDugu Chancler’s Drum Kit Aquiles Priester and Neil Peart’s Drum Kit Aquiles Priester, Dave Lombardo, John Dolmayan & Jeremy Spencer Aquiles Priester, Erik Paiste & Eloy Casagrande
Aquiles Priester, John Jr Robinson, Kelly Paiste & Eloy Casagrande Aquiles Priester, Otto Choi, Randy Black & Eloy Casagrande Aquiles Priester, Tim Sahady, Nathaniel Townsley Aquiles Priester e Chris Pennie
Aquiles Priester at Pro Mark booth 1 Aquiles Priester at Pro Mark booth 2 Collin Hartmann, Aquiles Priester & Jeff M. Ponte – Mel Bay Publications Edu Cominato, Wayne Wilburn & Aquiles Priester
Eloy Casagrande & Aquiles Priester Eloy Casagrande, Aquiles Priester, Jonathan Moffet, Wayne Wilburn, Andrew Shreve Lux & Aquiles Priester Aquiles Priester at Mel Bay booth 1
Aquiles Priester at Mel Bay booth 2 NDugu Chancler’s Drum Kit Neil Peart’s Drum Kit Poster Namm Show 2011
Roberto Sallaberry, Aquiles Priester, Jr. Vargas, Eloy Casagrande & Mochila Taige Lu, Aquiles Priester & Otto Choi Wayne Wilburn & Eloy Casagrande

13.JAN.2011 – Aquiles Priester em sessão de autógrafo com Dave Lombardo e Charlie Benante.

2011 Winter NAMM Paiste Artist autograph schedule announced.
We are proud to announce our 2011 Winter NAMM artist autograph schedule. Be sure to drop by booth # 3270 in Hall D to meet some of todays most popular and in-demand drummers in the music scene.








13.JAN.2011 – Aquiles Priester and Eloy Casagrande participate in the Paiste Day L.A.

Paiste America invites you to PAISTE DAY LA on January 19th to try out our newest releases. With the introduction of several new models, drummers will get the chance to play the newest cymbals on the market. There will be several Paiste artists on hand to discuss the new sounds and demo cymbals. There will have plenty of giveways, door prizes and two prototype cymbals will be raffled off.

The event will culminate with a rare performance by two of Brazil’s top drummers, Eloy Casagrande and Aquiles Priester.

Aquiles Priester has become the face of Brazillian rock drumming. With his long a varied career he has taken the world by storm. Playing with several bands, most notably, Hangar and Angra, Aquiles has established his place among the top drummers in the world. With his new DVD “THE INFALLIBLE REASON OF MY FREAK DRUMMING” drummers around the world will be able to tap into the mind of one of the great talents behind the kit.

Eloy Casagrande was first brought to the attention of American drummers when, at age 14, he performed at the Modern Drummer Festival 2005. His ability to fuse the drums of Brazil and the power of rock music in a seamless way left the crowd in disbelief. Since that time Eloy has spent his time refining his talent playing with Andre Matos, the former singer of Angra.

In addition to the performances, Paiste will be holding a raffle for two prototype Paiste cymbals and a NAMM badge for the 2012 trade show. There will be several other giveaways on hand as well.




13.JAN.2011 – Aquiles Priester in Modern Drummer Readers Poll 2010 – USA

Aquiles Priester foi indicado na votação anual da revista Modern Drummer americana em duas categorias, melhor baterista prog e melhor DVD educacional.

See news below or access: www.moderndrummer.com/contest.php?id=800000084

This year we once again invite you to cast your vote in the world’s most important drumming event—the Modern Drummer Readers Poll.

As usual, we’re giving you the opportunity to vote for all the drummers who you feel deserve special recognition for their work over the past year or so—as well as for the educational materials that earned a permanent place on your bookshelf.

Longtime voters will notice that this year we’re suggesting nominees within each category. The modern music scene is incredibly complex, with drummers, artists, and bands often falling easily into a number of different styles. By providing you with the names of the players and educational products that struck the MD editors as being particularly noteworthy over the recent months, we’re making it easier than ever for you to vote for your favorite drummers, books, and DVDs in all the appropriate categories. Don’t worry—we’re still providing for write-in votes, so if you don’t see some names that you’d like to have recognized, by all means, type them in (25 character limit)!

Educational DVD:
The Big Picture by Keith Carlock
Great Hands For A Lifetime by Tommy Igoe
Groove Alchemy by Stanton Moore
The Infallible Reason Of My Freak Drumming by Aquiles Priester
Blast Beats Evolved by Derek Roddy

Gavin Harrison
Neil Peart
Marco Minnemann
Mike Portnoy
Aquiles Priester

05.JAN.2011 – HANGAR DAY

The event promotes a Hangar show, Meet & Greet and also launched the contest PLAY WITH HANGAR AT THE HANGAR DAY

On March 12, 2011, the Blackmore Rock Bar will host the Hangar Day, a unique event, held at Hangar in partnership with the Free Note.To commemorate the event, Hangar January/2011 throws in the contest in Touchwith Hangar Hangar Day, where five winners will have the chance to share the stage with the Hangar to play a song each. After the winners left the stage, the hangar will start a show with the songs of her new album Infallible, followed by a Meet & Greet for all fans attending the event. Throughout the event will be held raffles for many special gifts!

From the moment of opening the venue official band’s merchandise will be sold (Methods, Songbooks, and other products) at special prices! Buying your tickets in advance you automatically win in 10.00 to spend onbonuses Free Note’s booth on the event .*

*valid only for purchases made on the day of the event.

Hangar Day
Saturday, 12/03/2011 at 22h (doors: 20h)
Blackmore Rock Bar
Alameda Maracatins 1317 – Moema

Ticket Sales
Tickets go on sale from 1.29 days in the Free Note Store (Rua Teodoro Sampaio, 785)
Information: 11 3085-4690
Advance Purchase (Free Note): R$ 15.00
Purchase the day of the event (at the box office of Blackmore Rock Bar): R$ 20.00

Comprar CD