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Hangar’s past, present and future on the compilation “The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” The brazilian band was founded by Primal Fear’s drummer Aquiles Priester.


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The brazilian band was founded by Primal Fear’s drummer Aquiles Priester

In 1999, in the Brazilian state of Rio Grande do Sul, a group of musicians friends, heavy metal fans, entered the studio to record an album called “Last Time”. Despite the title, it was only the first work of the band who had just been created called Hangar.

Fifteen years later, the friendship continues, as well as the love for heavy metal, but significant changes have occurred. Hangar has become one of the most respected bands in the current Brazilian heavy metal scene with four studio albums and a live DVD released, as well as concerts and tours that thrilled fans from all over Brazil. Nevertheless, Aquiles Priester, founder of the group, has become one of the best and most respected drummers in the world, now also an official member of the German legend Primal Fear and the Brazilian group Noturnall.

To register these first 15 years of sweat and many achievements, Hangar now releases the compilation “The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story …”.

Much more than a simple compilation, “The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” is a picture of the past, present and future of Hangar, as it marks the debut of the new singer, Pedro Campos, and the return of founding guitarist Cristiano Wortmann. The album also brings four new tracks – “Let me Know Who I Am”, “The Dark Passenger”, “Denied” e “Betrayer” – and new recordings of the classics “To Tame a Land” and “Forgotten Pictures”, now with the new line-up.

Released on a 2-CD set, “The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” also sincerely recapitulates all periods of Hangar. The tracklist brings songs such as “Like A Wind In The Sky” (from the debut “Last Time”), “Savior”, “Legions Of Fate” and “Inside Your Soul” from the album with the same title released in 2001, besides “Just The Beginning”, “Hastiness” and others from the highly acclaimed effort “The Reason Of Your Conviction” that was released in Japan in 2007 by Spiritual Beast Records.

The most recent phase of Hangar with the album “Infallible” (2009) is also registered with the tracks “Time to Forget” and “Colorblind”, apart from the acoustic versions for “Based on a True Story”, “Solitary Mind”, “One More Chance”, “Your Skin and Bones” and “Angel of the Stereo” extracted from the live CD/DVD “Acoustic, But Plugged In” from 2011.

According to the drummer Aquiles Priester, “The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” is a register of Hangar’s contribution to the history of heavy metal.

“I remember that every time I saw a band releasing a “best of “, I started thinking: -Wow, this band has history! Now here I am releasing a double CD with the best that Hangar composed in 15 years since the release of our first album. I’m very proud of our history, as we have always done it alone and moved some large stones from our way. We have done our part in history! And we always had the unconditional support of our fans! This is a special Christmas gift for you all!”

“The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” has the same impact of a studio album in Hangar’s discography. So much so that the band has just released a music video for “Let me Know Who I Am”.

Produced by Making Of Producoes and Foggy Filmes, and directed by Junior Carelli and Rudge Campos, the video was shot in Sao Paulo and it’s the opportunity for the fans to check the firepower of Hangar’s new line-up.

The video clip “Let me Know Who I Am” is already available on the band’s official Youtube channel: http://youtu.be/RuXqlH69PqA

It’s also available a “behind the scenes” from the video shootings including interviews with the band members and the whole production crew: http://youtu.be/KSfR5ZxVQVU

“The Best Of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…” can be purchased directly at the band’s official website: http://hangar.mus.br/site/merch/

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Hello Everyone! Check this out!
New Hangar´s Music Video:

Artist: Hangar
Song: Let me Know Who I Am
(Wortmann, Priester)
Album: The Best of 15 Years, Based on a True Story…
Label: Making Of Produções

Director: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Director of Photography: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Screemplay: Junior Carelli / Aquiles Priester
Executive Producers: Aquiles Priester / Junior Carelli
Produced by: Foggy Filmes / Making of Produções
Editing: Junior Carelli / Rudge Campos
Post: Rudge Campos
First DP Technician and Electrician: Fabio Chegado

Make up Artist and Band: Niandra Costa
Actor: Gilvanio Pedrosa

Making of Cameraman: Celito Gomes
General Assistants: Leo Usui / Theo Queiroz / Matt Garcia / Tamires Moura
Subtitles: Susanne Conradt
Photos: Jorge Maluf and Fabio Augusto
Costume Design: Ana Soncin (Lady Snake Rock Wear)
Location: Faculdade Cantareira
Drum Tech: Gabriel Hatoun/ Douglas Lima


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