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28.NOV.2008 – Exclusive interview at Caruaru FM

Exclusive interview with Hangar band at Caruaru FM, saturday 06 december to 06h00pm. You can check for the internet acessing:
[only portuguese]

23.NOV.2008 – Added new videos inedited

Watch Aquiles Priester on action, executing Forgotten Pictures from Hangar and his PsychoSolo at Erechim in Rio Grande do Sul, on August 2008.

Watch the links below:

Forgotten Pictures (Hangar) – Erechim/RS August/2008

11.NOV.2008 – Aquiles Priester in Mapex DVD promocional

A Mapex thrown one promotional DVD worldwide and Aquiles Priester participates with track extracted from his Inside my Drums DVD. Others greats Drummers participate of DVD like Greg Bissonette, Chris Adler, Will Calhoum, Walfredo Reys Jr.

See the cover and back-cover

29.OUT.2008 – Interview with Aquiles n’ Mello:

Vídeo-interview with Aquiles Priester n’ Nando Mello realized at Mococa in october 19.2008:


25.OUT.2008 – Hangar in Paiste Official Website

The Paiste Cymbals Manufacturer, disposed a notice in your official website about new DVD from Hangar. For to see and to read click in link below:

06.OUT.2008 – Aquiles Priester at Wacken

See in the link below Aquiles Priester at Wacken Open Air F2008.

25.SET.2008 – Last Time is released at Expomusic.

The first ahngar album ”Last Time” is being Re-released this year at Expomusic Brazil. The new edition comes withbonus DVD plus bonus songs: Angel in stereo [new recording] and Ask the lonely [Journey cover].

22.SET.2008 – Hangar confirms acoustic presentation at Music Hall during the Expomusic 2008

The Hangar will make only presentation at Music Hall in the Expomusic in São Paulo, on saturday 09/27 to 04h00pm. Also will make various events in the fair. Check the official events from Hangar.

Hangar Expomusic Event

Wednesday – 09/24

04:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
06:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)

Thursday – 09/25

4:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
6:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)

Friday – 09/26

3:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
4:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Autographs Hangar)
5:00pm – Musical Express/Evans (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
5:30pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
6:00pm – Turbo Music/Gibraltar (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
7:00pm – Habro Music/Mapex (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
8:00pm – Staff Drum (Autographs Aquiles Priester)

Saturday – 27/09

2:00pm – Turbo Music/Gibraltar (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
2:30pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
3:00pm – Sonotec/Takamine (Autographs Hangar)
4:00pm – Hangar Acústico (Music Hall)
5:00pm – Musical Express/Evans/D’Addario (Autographs Hangar)
6:00pm – Habro Music/Mapex (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
7:00pm – Royal Music/Paiste-DW (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
8:00pm – Staff Drum (Autographs Aquiles Priester)

Sunday – 28/09

1:30pm – Lady Snake (Autographs Hangar)
2:30pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
3:00pm – Aeroric Acabamentos (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
4:30pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Workshow Nando Fernandes)
4:00pm – Musical Express/Evans/D’Addario (Autographs Hangar)
5:00pm – AMI/Audio-Technica (Autographs Hangar)
6:00pm – Royal Music – Paiste/DW (Autographs Aquiles Priester)
7:00pm – Habro Music – Mapex (Autographs Aquiles Priester)

10.AGO.2008 – Entrevista exclusiva com Eduardo Martinez na Guitar Player

O guitarrista Eduardo Martinez está nas bancas numa entrevista exclusivas na Guitar Player. Confira abaixo a capa e um trecho da matéria na Guitar Player. Capa – Trecho matéria

10.AGO.2008 – Interview with Eduardo Martinez in web radio Putzgrila

Check link below [only portuguese]:
Recording/edition: João Duarte (João da Má)

Aquiles Priester celebrates today his anniversary and the official release of his brand new website: Happy Birthday Aquiles!

22.ABR.2008 – Hangar to be released in Europe!

The reason of your conviction album is to be released in Europe this year at May 23 by Wacken records. check the link for further info:

07.ABR.2008 – Paiste new: Aquiles Priester Signature Cymbals!

The new Paiste Signature Cymbal from Aquiles can be seen ate the following link: Aquiles Priester signature cymbals

20.MAR.2008 – HANGAR – ONE OF THE BEST OF 2007!!!

Hangar won tons of charts on ‘THE BEST OF 2007’ in most renown BRAZILIAN Magazines and Sites as ROADIECREW and WHIPLASH. We form the band have to say thanx for all fans and supporters for this achievement!!!

16.MAR.2008 – Review de pocket show na Fnac

Confira o review do pocket show acústico realizado na Fnac Campinas/SP:


New interview at COMMANDO ROCK MAGAZINE [Brazil] with Hangar. For further info check the link below:


26.FEV.2008 – New video online!!!

Check the latest promo video of Conviction Tour 2007/2008. The documentary is only available in portuguese [no subtitles]:

22.FEV.2008 – Fábio Laguna interview at Metalmorfose.

Check the latest Fabio Laguna interview at the tradicional portuguesese Blog:

17.FEV.2008 – T.R.O.Y.C. to be released in Europe by SPV Records and Wacken Records!!!

Hangar is now confirmed for the the new cast of SPV Records and Wacken Records!!! The reason of your conviction album is to be released in Europe at May 26th 2008. More info coming soon!!!

09.FEV.2008 – T.R.O.Y.C. reviews worldwide!!!

Here we go with some reviews for The Reason Of Your Conviction album around the globe:

T.R.O.Y.C.- italian review:
T.R.O.Y.C. – japanese review:
T.R.O.Y.C. – french review:
T.R.O.Y.C. – japanese review:

04.FEV.2008 – Hangar interview at Metal Revolution!

You can check now a brand new interview at Metal Revolution website by Hangar [portuguese only]:

04.FEV.2008 – T.R.O.Y.C. review at Arise Metalblog Zine

Check below the most recent review for T.R.O.Y.C. at Arise Metalblog Zine:

01.FEV.2008 – Listen to Hastiness at Novo Metal website:

You can visit Soundcheck section at NOVOMETAl website and listen to Hastiness [form T.R.O.Y.C. album] and comment with the fans. Check the link:

31.JAN.2008 – Hangar and Dream Theater in Brazil

Progressive metal giants DREAM THEATER have issued the following update regarding their recent announcement that they were looking for an opening act for their shows in South America:

“Well, the response was simply overwhelming…within the first few days, we had over 500 entries! Although the initial rule was that only the first 20 bands from each country was eligible, in some cases up to 50 bands from each country were considered before making a decision.

“There were many factors involved in choosing the bands: First and foremost was the music (in itself having many variables), but other deciding factors included having previous live experience, professionalism and presentation based on their website or myspace page, and even their taste in music represented by their list of influences or top friends (which helped indicate the type of audience they were trying to reach with their music)…

“We wish the best of luck to all the bands that submitted entries and just because you weren’t picked doesn’t mean you weren’t the best or most qualified…(perhaps your entry simply arrived 1 hour later than the last cutoff band)….so keep at it so we can open for you in 20 years!”

Here are the lucky winners that will be sharing the stage with DREAM THEATER throughout South America:

Mar 01 – Santiago, Chile – Pista Atletica: DELTA
Mar 03 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Luna Park Stadium: SACRUM
Mar 04 – Buenos Aires, Argentina – Luna Park Stadium: FUGHU
Mar 07 – Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Citibank Hall: KHALLICE
Mar 08 – Sao Paulo, Brazil – Credicard Hall: HANGAR
Mar 09 – Belo Horizonte, Brazil – Chevrolet Hall: DEVENTTER
Mar 12 – Bogota, Colombia – El Coliseo: HIDDENPATH
Mar 14 – Caracas, Venezuela – El Poliedro: RC2.

28.JAN.2008 – Interview at Universo do Rock

Brand new Hangar interview at Universo do Rock [only in portuguese]:

New interview added!
You can check the new Hangar interview for Rock Online [only in portuguese] at the following link: Rock Online (Território Terra)

24.JAN.2008 – T.R.O.Y.C. considered Masterpiece in Japan!

Famous journalist Masa Ito considered The Reason of your conviction the magnum opus of Hangar. You can check his ‘testemony’ at the booklet of T.R.O.Y.C. japanese version.

23.JAN.2008 – Hangar interview at Stay Heavy Tv Show

Check out the exclusive interview at Stay Heavy TV SHOW [only in portuguese] on the net at the following links: and

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