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18.DEZ.2009 – Christmas Message

Hello Everybody!!!
2009 was a great year for us… We had a lot of work and now we have a new record to get the road.
People in general are accepting this material very well and we are very proud of that.
We hope to meet you very soon in your city and we have a big suprise to announce very soon.

Good bless you and many thanks for ALL SUPPORT!
Humberto, Martinez, Laguna, Mello and Aquiles.

18.DEZ.2009 – Check in link below exclusive interview of Eduardo Martinez to Guitar Lick site:

06.DEZ.2009 – Promoção exclusiva DIE HARD & HANGAR
Comprando o novo CD “Infallible” com preço especial durante o mês de dezembro, você ganha grátis um card autografado pela banda. Promoção válida enquanto durar o estoque. Para mais informações clique abaixo:

06.DEZ.2009 – Press about Aquiles Priester on journal from Três Lagoas/MS[only portuguese]


06.DEZ.2009 – Exclusive interview with Hangar to Rockonnection


06.DEZ.2009 – Infallible CD Reviews




06.DEZ.2009 – Hangar on Rock 666 Festival.
Confira a apresentação das bandas MindFlow, Hangar e Andre Matos, que estiveram no SESC Pompéia em uma maratona de três shows.

Confira o vídeo no link abaixo:

28.NOV.2009 – Press about Infallible in Diário Catarinense
Check here the press about Infallible album in Diario Catarinense.

25.NOV.2009 – Aquiles Priester records new DVD 
In the days 31 of October and 01 of November, Aquiles Priester recorded his new DVD in the studio of the Faculdade Cantaneira in São Paulo. Soon a “teaser” of the DVD will be spread besides the whole content of this new material. To read the complete news of the making of clicking here

24.NOV.2009 – Infallible in Brasil and in Japan [only portuguese]
In release’s eve of Infallible album in Japan, the Hangar also is notice in brazilian press. See in links below:







20.NOV.2009 – Infallible album in Japan

The new album of Hangar band will be released in Japan by Spiritual Beast Records on november 25.
More information:

17.NOV.2009 – Hangar on cover press in Correio de Gravataí Journal
The Hangar band was cover press in Correio de Gravataí Journal, this press was made at september/october and published day 11/10/2009.


12.NOV.2009 –  Infallible on best seller list of Roadie Crew Magazine

Infallible, the new album of Hangar band is the fourth album more selling of october month according the Roadie Crew magazine.
See the ranking of magazine clicking here.

04.NOV.2009 –  Exclusive interview with Nando Mello [only portuguese]

Exclusive interview with Nando Mello for the Paralelo 30 program of Buzina do Gasometro webradio from Porto Alegre. Listen now in the link:

03.NOV.2009 – Fábio Laguna’s new Myspace layout available now!!!

The new layout was created by Joao Duarte – J.Duarte Design and there you can find a little bit of his history, new and old pictures, whole discography, scanned mags, interviews and much more!!! Check the new layout here:

28.OUT.2009 – Review of Infallible album at Metal Revolutionsite. [only portuguese]

Check the review on link below:

24.OUT.2009 –  Aquiles Priester and Hangar on Paiste Internacional site.

Click on link below and see the comments from Paiste about Aquiles in Hangar.

22.OUT.2009 – Review of Infallible cd in the Rocktime blog. [only portuguese]

Check in the link below:

18.OUT.2009 – Music of Hangar enters in radio FM programming at Paraná.

The music “Based on a True Story” of new Hangar album – Infallible, enters in programming of Rádio Musical FM [] from Campo Mourão at Paraná. For check access the link below:

17.OUT.2009 – Aquiles Priester is cover of Batera Magazine november edition

All that you want to know about Infallible, the new album of Hangar, you find in november edition of Batera Magazine. Aquiles Priester tells everything of explicit form.

11.OUT.2009 – Watch now Hangar new video clip

Avaliable “Dreaming of Black Waves” videoclip of Infallible CD. The clip was recorded at Florianópolis/SC on august and directed by Antonio Rossa of Transitoriamente. Soon will be avaliable official Making Of. For see the video clip click here:

10.OUT.2009 – Interview with Aquiles Priester for Música, Mercado e Marketing blog from Piracicaba/SP.

Check all interview in link

05.OUT.2009 – “Dreaming of Black Waves” video clip for the first time on TV [only portuguese]

See in this wednesday on Radar Program at the 06:00pm on link below:

05.OUT.2009 – Review of Hangar Acoustic Show at Expomusic 2009 [only portuguese]

Check press on link below:

02.OUT.2009 – Interview with Hangar at Florianópolis/SC [only portuguese]

Hangar interview done by journalist Carolina Brand in recording day of Dreaming Of Black Waves video at Florianopolis.

Check in link:

28.SET.2009 – Aquiles Priester will shows up on Drum Festival at Polônia

Aquiles Priester (Hangar Drummer), will shows up in of 18th edition of “October Drum Fest”. In this year also will show up great names of world drum like: Steve Smith, Thomas Lang, Virgil Donati, Terry Bozzio among others. The event happens between days 09.25 and 10.18.2009.
For more informations click:

25.SET.2009 – INFALLIBLE for sale!!!

INFALLIBLE for sale in site DIE HARD and store at Galeria do Rock and at Expomusic in stands of Lady Snake, Roadie Crew and Comando Rock.
DIE HARD: (55 11) 3331-3978


Welcome to new Hangar website!!! Here you’ll find all informations about new album “INFALLIBLE”, updated news and promotions of band. Check all that Hangar reserves for you.

New Hangar MySpace online and 3 musics of new album “INFALLIBLE”. The layout was created by Joao Duarte J.Duarte Design. Check in link

21.SET.2009 – DVD promocional Paiste

Aquiles Priester records promotional DVD showing all cymbals lines of Paiste. Visit the official Paiste stand at Expomusic 2009

To see check the links below:

20.SET.2009 – Hangar at Backstage Magazine (only portuguese)

Interview with the band and sound engeneer Adair Daufembach. Check the interview below.

Clique nas imagens para ampliá-las

30.AGO.2009 – News of new album from Hangar

Hangar publishes name, artwork and tracklist of new album that will be throwed at Expomusic 2009. Check below:

Hangar – Infallible (2009)

Humberto Sobrinho – vocals
Eduardo Martinez – guitar
Fábio Laguna – keyboard
Nando Mello – bass
Aquiles Priester – drums and percussion

1. The Infallible Emperor (1956)
2. Colorblind
3. Solitary Mind
4. Time to Forget
5. A Miracle in my Life
6. The Garden
7. Dreaming of Black Waves
8. Based on a True Story
9. Handwritten
10. Some Light to Find my Way
11. 39’ – (Bonus Track)
12. Mais uma Vez – (Brazilian Bonus Track)
13. Like a Wind in the Sky (Japanese Bonus Track)

Release Hangar – Infallible

“Infallible”. This is the name of Hangar’s new album. And, besides the evident meaning it has in the album’s context, few words could fit the band as well as it. The perfectionism and hard-work demonstrated by the band for over 12 years is palpable in each and every album, always commanded by world wide known drummer Aquiles Priester.

For the production process of the fourth album, Hangar secluded themselves in a farm near Tatuí (located in the countryside of São Paulo, home to one of the best music schools in the country, and for that reason known as the “Music Capital” of Brazil), where Aquiles, Eduardo, Fábio, Mello and the new lead singer, Humberto Sobrinho, dedicated themselves to composing the ten songs of the album. After that, they recorded guitar, bass, keyboard and vocal lines in the same place, using the mobile unit of Daufembach’s Studio, under the command of sound engineer Adair Daufembach. The drums were recorded at The Magic Place Studio (Florianópolis), in a room specially projected to provide the perfect ambience for the instrument. Subsequently, Aquiles traveled with Adair to Celle (Germany) to mix and master the CD with Tommy Newton (Area 51 Studio), thus finalizing an album of exceptional sound quality, clear and bright when necessary, without losing the characteristic dirty sound a good Heavy Metal album.

Infallible, according to the band, represents the very feeling they want to transmit to their public with the new album. “It’s our most extreme album, whether concerning technique, virtue and speed or the more melodic, accessible side”, says Aquiles. As to the lyrics, even though this is not a conceptual album, they have a theme in common: “They talk about the forces that move human beings while pursuing their aims, without leaving the path of honesty. It’s an optimistic album on the subject of fighting and accomplishing goals”, guarantees the drummer.

“The Infallible Emperor – 1956” is the first track of the album, presenting a beautiful vocal melody interpreted at high speed commanded by Aquiles’ double bass drumming and by Martinez’s guitar riffs. “Colorblind” is more intricate theme, with several rhythm shifts and striking backing vocals. Humberto has the opportunity to show all of his ability in “Solitary Mind”, which is an inspired mid-tempo composition. Drama plays its part in “Time to Forget”, a ballad with Theo Vieira as guest musician, and which opens the way to the power thrash metal “A Miracle in my Life”, where Humberto uses some precise drives and the band presents the most speedy and brutal work of their entire career. More direct in its harmony, “The Garden” presents us with an elaborate composition and an inspired, though short, keyboard solo by Fabio Laguna, not to mention a very different structure when compared to the other songs.

It was no accident that the next track, “Dreaming of Black Waves”, was chosen to be the album’s first video clip. Its catchy melody contrasts with an amazingly beautiful musical arrangement, especially in the leading and backing vocals of guest singer Stefanie Schirmbeck, from the band Holiness. Another modern ballad, “Based on a True Story”, shows an extremely up-to-date band, while “Handwritten” is a very competent power metal, again bringing a different interpretation by Humberto. “Some Light to Find My Way”, has a hard rock influence in its first chords, shifting like magic to an efficient power metal with unforgettable choruses.

To close the album, Hangar recorded two cover songs. The first is “39”, a classic by Queen classic that the band managed to recreate with tremendous competence – especially Humberto, who was approved with honors in the difficult task of singing a song from such band. This song was chosen, says Aquiles, because of the following reasons: “Firstly, we didn’t want a number-one hit. Apart from that, our intention was also to show a little of our acoustic background and to prove that we can know how to be simple when necessary”.

The following may be the song the fans find most peculiar. “Mais uma Vez”, released only in Brazil, was written in 1987 by Flávio Venturini and Renato Russo and is part of the album Sete of the group 14 Bis. Besides, the song counts with special guest stars Roupa Nova on vocals. According to Aquiles, “the first time I heard this song in the 80´s, I felt inspired by the lyrics. During all these years the song had a very strong meaning in our work and we had already played it acoustically during the tour of our last album”. According to the band, Roupa Nova has a tradition in what refers to participations in albums of other artists: the band only accepts an invitiation of this type if all six members agree, since they don´t do individual participations. In short, the musicians of Roupa Nova not only approved of the version of “Mais uma Vez”, but also created a very unique interpretation for the song without abandoning the characteristics of the sextet. In the long run, the contrast between an insinuating song, Hangar´s heavy instrumentals and the soft voices of Roupa Nova created something totally new and captivating. Aquiles states that this version of “Mais uma Vez” is a turning point for the band: “We were always great admirers of Roupa Nova´s work and having these guys on our album is one of the most important moments in our history. Furthermore, we can show our fans and music lovers in general that we are exactly like everyone else and also need an extra dose of daily motivation.”

The last track is a remake of “Like a Wind in the Sky” of the album Last Time (1999), and will be released only in Japan. It has a great melody, amazing backing vocals and a perfect instrumental performance.

Direct, varied, competent… Certainly the soon to come reviews of this new album will contain these and many other adjectives. If anyone prefers to use the word “infallible”, they will be right too.

Antonio Carlos Monteiro
Journalist and musical critic

30.AGO.2009 – Official Making of “Dreaming of Black Waves” videoclip

Available new photo gallery of making of “Dreaming of Black Waves” video clip from Hangar. To see photos section by Antonio Rossa and Marcela Machado.

23.AGO.2009 – “Hangar’s new video clip backstage at Patrola program of BS TV from Santa Catarina/Brazil”
In this saturday at 11:30am will be exhibited the inedited video showing the new video backstage, directed by Antonio Rossa. [only portuguese]

Patrola Program
RBS TV Santa Catarina
Saturday live at 11:30am

Reprise during the week on internet in the link below:

20.AGO.2009 – New Aquiles’s Tattoo

Aquiles Priester in last day 10 august makes the new tattoo with Jander tattooist ( See in photos of step by step.

20.AGO.2009 – Inedited mixing video of new album

Mixing video of new album that happened at Germany in june from this year. The conclusion of album stayed on account of producer Tommy Newton.
For see click here:

20.AGO.2009 – Hangar records clip at Florianópolis/SC.

Hangar publishes photos of new video clip. More details coming in soon.

08.AGO.2009 – The fan Aquiles Priester interviews the idol Nicko McBrain.

The drummer Aquiles Priester interviews the his idol Nicko McBrain in august edition of Modern Drummer Brazilian Magazine.

15.JUL.2009 – Nando Mello’s Exclusive interview at website

Nando Mello’ exclusive interview at website talks about composition and recording process of hangar’s new cd. Check in link:
[only portuguese]

10.JUL.2009 – Eduardo Martinez at Cover Guitarra 172

Cover Guitarra Digital


Today is birthday of Aquiles Priester. Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, are votes of Hangarian family!!!

10.JUNHO.2009 – Aquiles Priester’s Clinic Tour in Italy

Aquiles Priester is mixing and mastering the new Hangar’s CD with the producer Tommy Newton, before that, he did a couple drum clinics in Italy and you can check it out here:

15.MAIO.2009 – Humberto Sobrinho debuts at “Virada Cultural” 2009 – Caraguatatuba

The Government Department of Culture, together with the autorities of Caraguatatuba City Hall, Fundacc (A Portuguese acronym meaning “Fundação Educacional e Cultural de Caraguatatuba) and the Government Department of Tourism will host on May 17th and 18th the second edition of “Virada Cultural”.

“The event will have its debut in the north coastline and we are pretty sure the event will be a major success as it already is in the Sao Paulo and other cities. It will have 24 hours of free cultural performances, reinforcing our commitment with cultural inclusion.” Said Ricardo Gaspar, Fundacc’s president.

27.ABRIL.2009 – Video with parts drum recording

Aquiles at The Magic Place, new cd from Hangar recording.
Check below the video produced by Antonio Rossa

Video with parts drum recording

18.FEV.2009 – The Paiste announces the throw of Special Set Edition Aquiles Priester

pic 2 – pic 3

07.FEV.2009 –  Interview with Nando Mello at website

Nando Mello responds the questions made for JJ at website

Check the complete interview in the link below:
[only portuguese]


According to an official note written by Nando Fernandes, he is not a member of Hangar since January 11th.

Below is the official note from the band:

“Dear Friends

The last two years were a period of intense activity for Hangar. Even in a stagnated market, we released a record that was highly praised by public opinion, we did dozens of shows all over Brazil, we recorded a DVD, we got lots of good reviews from the specialized media, we got great confidence by many companies and, more important, we received respect and unmeasurable support from our fans. Because of all that, we believe that our role as musicians, artists and public people have been very well done. Everything we conquered required a lot of effort, perseverence and sacrifice. Therefore, any one of us has the right to ask: where do we want to get with that?

Diversity is a great alliance to the evolution of ideas, since we are not made in series. And democracy always bumps on the limitations of the environment or in the life experience of everyone of us, what makes incompatibility something natural inside a group. For questions of this nature, there are only two options: either the more antagonic side/person adapts to the group and agrees with the dominant opinion or the group has to let this person leave, in a spontaneous way or not.

We have never asked to anyone to leave Hangar. The departure of a member is always a very turbulent moment for a band, but, luckily, our former members have always known the moment to ask us to leave the band, because somehow, they were sensible enough to realize they weren’t coherent with the objectives and expectations of the band. The same happened with Nando Fernandes. We have been trying for two years to bring him inside the work politics of the group, that exists for 11 years. The rest four members are the biggest witnesses of all that Hangar has been through along this long journey to receive some dignifying recognition, even far from satisfactory, specially on a financial point of view.

We know that for many people, we are much more than a mere heavy metal band and that’s why we are sure that we will keep pursuing our dreams.

So it’s with sadness that we inform officially that vocalist Nando Fernandes is no longer a member of Hangar since January 11th 2009, according to an e-mail sent to the remaining members of the band and to a note published on his blog, both on the same day (see below).

We sincerely apologize for the band not having sent an statement right after that note was published. The reason is, that even being aware that nothing lasts forever and no one is unreplaceable, we were also caught by surprise with that news, as well as all others that follow our work.

Above all, we would like to thank all our fans and friends for respecting us in this difficult but passing moment. We will follow with our plans and activities for 2009. The release of our first DVD and the recording and release of our new album will happen in May, according to the request made by our record company in Europe, Wacken Records. This new work will finally result in our first european tour, as an opening act for another artist from our booking agency, ICS.

Therefore, to continue our work, we are urgently selecting candidates to be the new vocalist of our band, and all those interested can send us some material to

We would like take this opportunity to thank Nando, who greatly contributed to Hangar’s success in the last two years. Under our perspective, we are sure that his decision to leave the band will not affect all the things we have built together. May God keeps lightning all Nando’s ways and we wish that he continues to pursue his dreams, either on stage, in the theater or in the classrooms.

Fábio Laguna, Aquiles Priester, Eduardo Martinez e Nando Mello


The note below was published on Nando Fernandes’ blog on January 11th, 2009:

“Official anouncement for friends and fans of the band Hangar…

I would like to personally communicate to friends and fans that, starting today, I’m not a part of the band Hangar anymore. There is a big relationship incompatibility between me and some other members of the band, making my permanence impossible. I would like to deeply and truely thank all the people who have been suporting the band and me during the years I was the vocalist of Hangar. I’m sure we will follow different ways from now on, but I wish good luck to the remaining members and I want to say that I’m very thankful for everything and I’m very proud for everything we have accomplished together.”


04.JAN.2009 – Entrevista para o site Cifras Club.
Durante a passagem da banda por Belo Horizonte, integrantes falam sobre o disco The Reason of Your Conviction e sobre a Christmas Tour com André Matos.

Veja a entrevista nos links abaixo:

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