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Postado em 21/05/2009

posted by Eduardo Martinez

If I die tomorrow, I’m sure about one thing: it was worth dedicating my entire life to music. The reason I say this is this new album, my third with Hangar, the forth album of the band and the eight of my career as guitarist and co-author. Among the many sonorous extravagancies that will surely amaze you, I was able to re-interpret one of Last Time classics, the album which was my entrance test in Hangar, back in 1999… In February of 2009, when we face each other after the amazing TROYC tour, with our instruments and without a single new lyric, I wouldn’t have even thought that, as I write this diary (only three months later!), we would have everything recorded! The creativity and chemistry of this band amazes me, now with more extreme, complex songs. We now are a band more than ever: in lyrics, expressiveness and interpretation of each idea. Hearing this album will give you a taste of our entire music life until now.

After the excellent TROYC, we managed to compose free from any stands and formulas. You can hear the pain, the blood, the fight of each one of us to do the impossible without failing, trying to reach the perfect result by all means. In the spotlight, our new Honorary Hangarian Humberto, to Aquiles’ obsessive work and Adair “guitar hero” Daufembach.

Today, 11th of May, between pre- audio mixing, fans that find us here in our hiding place (God knows how), back-ups, last-minute-made songs, and master breakdowns of last day (yes, last day!!!), I did my final acoustic record in the CD. The best part of it is that tomorrow will start rehearsing for our first show with Humberto in the leading vocals. After that, Aquiles and Adair will go to Germany to finish audio-mixing and mastering. And it is like that since the beginning, when I first entered that “garage” in Porto Alegre, to exhaustingly rehearse all songs of Last Time, some covers and a few new song you all know too well… That shows that we are here to stay, nobody is irreplaceable, and we do this so you all can be proud to be in this madness, in shows, events, among many others. I hope that, one day, it can happen (even better!) with your band too.

My first ten years of Hangar are complete with this album. But all of this will make sense only when you get to us after the show and say it was worth leaving the past behind and moving on. I’d like to dedicate every single guitar note to my trusted friends, the ones who never turned their back to me: my family, my band and the Hangar fans: you’re the reason I live and play.

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